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Global Perspectives

Deep & Ultra-deepwater Oil & Gas

Market Update 2005 - 2009

Global Perspectives

Global Perspectives - this series gives executives and analysts the complete world picture on key sectors of the offshore industry and is split into two parts, one covering the market and the other technologies and players, so that customers can chose to buy either or both. Each comes with free access to a data set on InfieldOnline.

The first edition of the series Deep & Ultra deepwater Oil & Gas Market update is now available. The study looks ahead to 2008. This latest edition by energy business analysts Infield Systems provides the industry executive with an overview of the growing deepwater sector of the offshore industry and the values of the world markets.


In the past five years (1999 to 2003) deepwater reserves totalling some 11.8 billion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) were brought onstream by the top ten oil company operators. In contrast, over the 2005 to 2009 period, all operators have deepwater prospects targeting almost 39.1 billion boe.

Deepwater ownership.

Up to 1999 Deepwater was the preserve of a select band of super-majors and deepwater specialists. The same is now true of the ultra deepwater prospects. In the period 2005-2009 almost 20% of the operatorships are with companies new to the deepwater arena. At the end of 2003 it is likely that 45 companies will own part of fields that have come on stream but only half of these will also be operators



Technology & Players

The technologies and Players report to be published shortly gives a full insight into the challenges of Deepwater and Ultra Deepwater field development.

Market Prospects.

Global activity in deepwater reserves is expected to result in a major growth in demand for the services of the offshore contractors. Over the 1999-2003 period, a total of 79 deepwater fields were brought onstream. For the 2005-2009 period, there are currently over 177 development prospects in deepwater listed on the Infield systems' database, including several multi-billion dollar prospects, notably off West Africa, Brazil and in the US Gulf of Mexico. The Ultra Deepwater segment of these future fields is of growing importance.

Infield Systems' data on historic and future development activity in water depths of >= 500m is analysed on a project by project basis. The result of this analysis are input to Infield's specially developed model to value world markets in the deepwater sector of the offshore industry.

Forecasts are developed for the major components of deepwater fields including development drilling, xmas trees, templates and manifolds, controls and control lines, pipelines, surface completed wells, fixed and floating platforms.

The Global Perspectives series of reports is aimed at decision-makers in oil companies and executives in the supply industries and financial sector.

FREE INFIELD DATABASE ACCESS: Purchasers receive three month free access to their own online database through InfieldOnline. The data set provides information on all fields in water depths over 500m for the next five year period. The service details key information about each project including field name, on-stream date, field life, and development scenarios, as well as operator names, addresses and contact details. Data is supplied monthly. Purchasers can save and rerun queries from their own workspace.  

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