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Deepwater Drilling & Field Production Asia 2006

deepwater drilling field production

Infield Sytems will be appearing at the Deepwater Drilling and Field Proudtion Asia Forum.Infield Systems we be exhibiting the full range of Offshore Oil and Gas Services that we offer, from in-depth mangement reports to quickly access online databases full of information on the Oil andGas industry from all over the world

We hope to see you there

Building on the success of Deepwater Drilling Asia 2004 and 2005 , we proudly present to you the 3rd annual event focusing specifically on Deepwater Drilling and Field Development in Asia . This forum bridges the Asia-Pacific region from bringing global expertise from the leading deepwater hubs: Gulf of Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, India, West Africa, Brazil, Vietnam and many more. With multi millions of oil dollar at stake, this conference will thoroughly develop your understanding of deepwater project management & field development strategies, new technology applications, cost effective solutions, and efficiency improvement techniques .

For more information, please contact : Wendy Ng

Tel: +65 6722 9388 Fax: +65 6720 3804



deepwater drilling field production


As Asia ventures into deepwater, 'teething' problems will emerge. Balancing cost, developing contingency plans, overcoming HT/HP challenges, rig positioning, optimising casing, implementing riser-less drilling, understanding well complexities, selecting the best technology, the list goes on…

To make sure these problems don't throw spanners into your operations, you have to make sure you foresee these potential problems and build in measures to either manage them or prevent them.

The question is "Do you know what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and who should take ownership?"

If your answer is "maybe", "sort of", or a resounding "no", you need to join the industry at the 3rd Deepwater Drilling Asia 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, from 5-6 December 2006.

Amalgamating industry experts on the issues that are top priority, this year's conference will allow you to make the best use of 2 days out of the office so that months of frustration and potential costs can be avoided.

Don't hesitate, join your peers at this event and achieve the objectives that will help you

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