Drilling Ship
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Typically employed for deepwater operations, the drillship fleet is the fastest growing sector of the offshore drilling market. Due to their superior transit speeds and operational autonomy, they are often the preferred choice for remote deepwater exploration activities. Key regions of deployment include Brazil, the US Gulf and West Africa.

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Semisubs are ideal for exploration, development and production drilling activities in water depths of up to 12,000ft. Semisubs are most prevalent in Brazil, the North Sea, the US GoM and West Africa. Due to their inherent stability and motion response characteristics, semisubs are particularly well suited to drilling in harsh environments.

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Jackup rigs are employed for shallow water exploration and production drilling activities. Whilst deployed in all major offshore production basins, jackups are particularly numerous in the Middle East, SE Asia, the US GoM and the North Sea. The largest most modern jackups can operate in water depths of up to 492ft.

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Infield Systems’ splits the offshore rig market into four primary categories, including; jackups, semisubs, drillships and tender rigs (including conventional tenders and semi-tenders). Each of these four primary rig categories is further sub-divided; floaters are categorised by water depth (midwater, deepwater and ultra-deepwater), whilst jackups are split by jackup type (standard, premium, hi-spec, and mat/slot).

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