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The InfieldOnline Portal

Infield makes available its database services through the InfieldOnline Portal. InfieldOnline permits Infield subscribers via the Internet to search and retrieve their information through standard web browsers twenty-four hours per day seven days per week. Infield provides a large bandwidth to ensure clients consistent access with fast download speeds.

A sample database is available now through InfieldOnline. Simply logon as a guest user. using "sample" as both the user name and password. You must supply a valid email address.

Download InfieldOnline

Clients can through the Download Centre, download their entire subscription for use offline, “InfieldOffline”. The data is provided in a zip file for speedy downloads. The default format is a CSV file, comma separated value file which is compatible with all spreadsheet and database software. If there are access issues, due to regional settings within Microsoft applications then data can be provided in MS Excel or Text files using tab separators.

Updating InfieldOnline

Standard updates are issued monthly, though Infield posts a fresh update each Friday at 19.00hrs GMT. Updates run from the contract start date for the period of the update. Users are also permitted to request 3 additional updates throughout the contract period.

Infield provides a full data set each time so that each update is a standalone database. In addition, each record shows when it was originally entered, when it was last updated and when it was taken off the main Infield Offshore Energy Database. Users can therefore easily monitor new information in the update and ensure they are using the latest information available.

Infield recommends that users keep past updates for comparative analysis for the period of contract.

InfieldOnline and InfieldOffline Support & Service

Infield provides unlimited support, assistance and help to ensure that clients get the most from your subscription. Infield can provide advice on using the InfieldOnline service, downloading the data sets, importing the data into other applications, analysing the information and providing explanations of the actual data and terminology.

In addition Infield can also carry out bespoke research, analysis and studies. For more information please contact the Infield team.

It is in Infield’s interest that clients get the most from their subscriptions.

All mail traffic, incoming and outgoing is monitored for viruses and unsolicitored mail. Any user request not to receive email or newsletters is strictly observed.

Infield has a fully developed and costed Disaster Recovery Programme.

Power Search InfieldOnline

In InfieldOnline clients can perform power searches of their information on each of the data headers within the data sets they have access to. Results can be viewed on screen or downloaded automatically to MS Excel for offline analysis. Over 160 search criteria are possible on InfieldOnline, where clients can specify ranges of data, identify specific projects and even identify new and updated records.Once a project has been identified clients can follow through all of the related data in other data sets that they have access to.

InfieldOnline User Accounts

For each subscription we provide each individual user a unique user name and password, with one user being specified as the main point of contact. This permits the client to control who in their organisation has access and for Infield to monitor user sessions, access and searches so the service can be improved and to ensure the security of InfieldOnline.

Please see the Infield Privacy Policy.

InfieldOffline Front-End

A free front-end to the Infield Offshore Energy Database has been designed to help clients get the most from their downloaded data sets in MS Access. For expert users of MS Access, the front-end is a useful depository for the data whilst detailed interrogation is carried out using standard MS Access querying and reporting modules.

The front-end has been built in MS Access 97 and MS Access 2000, MS Access XP and MS Access 2003.

Please note that where clients have customised the standard Infield Data Headers within a data set the InfieldOnline Power Search and InfieldOffline front-end is not compatible with such data sets, but can be imported by the client into any database or spreadsheet software.

InfieldOnline Security

Infield endeavours to provide a consistent and free online service. InfieldOnline resides behind a secure firewall on servers housed in the Data Centre. Access to the Internet is via a lease line provided by Server City based in the City of London along with offsite back-up of all systems.

Logon to InfieldOnline
To view sample data, login with username=sample, password=sample
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