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"DOT04" Deep Offshore Technology Conference 30th November to 2nd December 2004

DOT04 has "Aligning Technology with Changing Reality" as the theme for 2004. DOT2004 is the 16th Deep Offshore Technology Conference and Exhibition and returns to the most popular venue in New Orleans, Louisiana. It is expected that Deep Offshore Technology 2004 will be the biggest Deep Offshore Technology Exhibition for several years with in excess of 2,000 attendees. DOT 04 will see thousands of industry professionals attending in New Orleans.. The theme for this year is expected to address the complex and changing role of deepwater E&P within and evolving energy market.

DOT 04 in New Orleans will focus attention on those projects which best illustrate the technology and the skills needed to conquer the offshore ultradeep challenges. Deep Offshore Technology 2004 will see papers from the most qualified individuals in the deepwater oil and gas industry. These will see presentations on subsea processing or seafloor processing, HP/HT, and completion design in deepwater. The latest forecasts for Deep and Ultra-deepwater will also be presented. A number of top-level case studies will be presented on deepwater's most outstanding projects.

Individuals will travel from all over the world to to see the next generation of offshore technology and innovation in the Oil & Gas industry and to hear and learn from the experiences of other companies within the industry.   

Deep offshore Technology conference 2004 will have Bill McHolick, Vice-President of host BHP Billiton Chairman of the advisory Board. A broad range of delegates and speakers will see presentations focused on The Gulf of Mexico, The North Sea in addition to West Africa and Offshore Brazil.  



Infield Systems Ltd will be at DOT 04, New Orleans, Louisiana in 2004 onm booth number 504. Infield will be demonstrating the Infield Database, its Global Perspectives range of publications including Deep and Ultra-deepwater, Subsea and Floating Production. In addition the Infield Analytical team will be available for discussions on consultancy projects, benchmarking, Match&Track, Indicies and other new product ranges. Infield Systems Online Systems will be available for demonstration at DOT 2004 New Orleans. For more information about how you can find us on Booth 504 at DOT 2004 please contact Infield or visit the official Deep Offshore Technology Conference 2004 website.

For more information on the DOT 2004 conference program, registration, Hotels, floorplans etc visit the official DOT04 website.

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