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European Offshore oil and gas regional market update-players reports and business strategy analysis

Market Update
Reports provide forecasts and analysis of prospective developments tracked on the Offshore Energy Database. Using the OED for the base data the markets are modelled through OFFPEX providing forecasts of units and capital expenditure over 5 and 10 year periods.

The robust nature of the model provides versatility allowing a variety of views of the markets. This allows analysts and managers the opportunity to assess markets with the confidence that
the data is:

- Thoroughly researched - each field is analysed
- Based on all available information

Each report is over 170 pages long with chapters concentrating on regions and sectors. Providing information on countries, operators, fields, The reports cover historical data from our comprehensive database of fields, companies and contracts. The Forecast is our view of the most likely development scenario for fields under development or due to be developed in the period and the costs and scheduling associated with them.

Due to the increased uncertainty associated with developments beyond a five-year horizon, the terminology of prospects is used. Prospects includes the latest available information on longer-term developments beyond the forecast period to 2008. Whilst the period to 2012 is usually modelled within the OFFPEX™ system it is better to view this latter period as a trend indicator rather than a definitive statement or forecast
Technology & Players:
The companion reports to the Market Update reports are the Technology and Players series. These reports use multiple inputs including OED and OFFPEX? to consider the development of new technologies to the market and what impact the major players have in the industry over the next five to ten year periods.

The reports will look at the impacts of new enabling technology, such as mooring systems or DC-only electric subsea trees or those technologies that offer product differential in the market place, such as subsea processing, and will highlight areas of opportunity.

Firms with Global presence will be analysed in terms of what their perceived strategy is and how it will affect the market. The reports will look at both operators and contractors whom offer service or supply to the industry.

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