Infield Newsletter - August 2004
Offshore Northern Seas 2004   Infield Market Forum - Houston

Infield will be exhibiting again at Offshore Northern Seas in Stavanger 24th to 27th August.

At ONS Infield's new OFFPEX Market Modelling System has been submitted for the Forum's Innovation Award. The short list is currently being drawn up with the prizes being awarded on the first day of the show.

Infield's stand, 1035-1 is part of the UK official group. Senior staff will be on hand to discuss subscriptions, the new series of global and regional reports and outline the analytical services that Infield provides.

The products and services on show will be

  • Offshore Energy Databases
  • Market Reports
  • Oil & Gas Indices new!
  • Match & Track new!
  • Tailored Reports
  • Commissioned Analysis
  • Report Extracts new!
  • Multi-Client Studies new!

Data Services: Infield provides both sector and regional databases covering all aspects of the oil and gas industry. The Worldwide Offshore Energy Database covers fields, platforms, pipelines, subsea completions, manifolds, templates, umbilcals single point moorings, manufacturers, fabricators, operators and field ownership for the period 1947 through today and forward to 2015 and beyond. Please visit for more information.

Analytical Services:
Infield's Analysts range of skills includes all the major industry disciplines from Geology, Finance & Law through to Senior Operational Management, allowing for the provision of data, information and reports that are realistic, accurate and insightful.

Our reports and services are used to support business decisions at a senior level and as such are presented with a clarity and conciseness that has brought international acclaim. Products and services range from;

  • Data Analysis
  • Business strategy & analysis
  • Quantitative & qualitative surveys & analysis
  • Global, regional & sector publications
  • Market analysis & benchmarking
  • Competitor analysis & monitoring
  • Scenario development & planning
  • Commissioned research & analysis
  • Market due diligence

Infield will be attending these other exhibitions over the next 12 months.


Infield hosted a two day market forum in Houston last month, which was very well received by the senior executives from all sectors of the industry.

Houston was chosen as the venue for the first forum as it continues to develop as the pre-eminent centre for global contracting and supply. The forum explored trends, drivers and strategies and potential impacts and threats that face the industry over the next five-to-ten year period. The forum provided an opportunity for the delegates to actively discuss the issues that face their respective organisations and the medium and long-term development of key offshore sectors alongside other key individuals from the industry.

Over the two days the following global sectors were covered:

  • Deep & Ultra-deepwater;
  • Subsea;
  • Floating Production;
  • Fixed Platforms;
  • Pipelines, Umbilicals & Risers.

Over the next six months we intend to hold similar forums in Aberdeen, London, Singapore and Oslo. If you are interested in attending one of these forums then please let us know.

  Global Perspectives
Market & Forecast Reports

Infield Systems publishes a series of executive studies covering the various sectors and regions of the offshore oil and gas industry.

This series looks at the technologies and players involved in the industry and analyses the drivers, case studies, markets and forecasts. Each report is supported with free access to an online projects database.

Deep & Ultra-deepwater Market Update 2004/08

This 200 page report provides a detailed analysis of the market for this dynamic sector. The current edition forecasts a global Deepwater capital expenditure of US$57bn.

Market Update 2004/08

This report investigates the value and forecasts the market for the 2,241 prospective subsea completions listed on the Infield Offshore Energy Database.

Floating Production Market Update 2004/08

Published in May 2004, this report forecasts the value and investigates the market for the 149 new floating production systems listed on the Infield Offshore Energy Database.

In production are Global Perspectives Fixed Platforms Market Update 2004/08 and Global Perspectives Pipelines, Umbilicals & Risers Market Update 2004/08.

Floating Production Systems 2004, London, 22nd - Tuesday 23rd November 2004
Floating Production and Storage Systems: Integrity Management for Lifecycle Enhancement, London, 21st - 22nd September 2004 more
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