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Infield Systems - Market Modelling & Forecasting

Infield Systems have developed their own market modelling and forecasting system for the offshore oil and gas industry and the associated marine industries and work is currently progressing on adding the renewables sector. These models have been developed, assessed and improved over the past eight years. The team of analysts, researchers and SQL programmers are constantly striving to improve the modelling process and the primary input information, to produce some of the most reliable forecasts in the industry.

The market modelling systems drive all Infield Systems' forecast reports and is used as a basis for the Transaction Services and Business Strategy & Analysis client studies and analysis. It is also the core of Infield Systems' Match & Track service and supply and demand analysis.

These forecasts are proprietary to Infield Systems and are based upon four business fundamentals; accuracy, consistency, improvement and transparency.

OFFPEX - The Market Modelling & Forecasting System

The OFFPEX Market Modelling & Forecasting System is a highly-evolved contextual development of the Offshore Energy Database and Infield Systems' other databases detailing specialist vessels, drilling rigs, and construction and fabrication yards capabilities and their capacities. Other inputs into OFFPEX include financial, company, technical, contractual, subsea construction capabilities, capacities of subsea tree supply, along with other business related information and a series of market drivers and variables.

With tens of thousands of data inputs including all the major energy related public domain sources, OFFPEX is both a repository of information and a forecast tool from which expenditure models, alternative development scenarios, long-term trend analysis, supply & demand assessments, field parameter trends and other business tools can be derived.

The OFFPEX forecast is published quarterly and each edition is directly comparable to the previous one. The strength of OFFPEX lies in the ability to section, cross-compare and interrogate the derived short, medium and long-term forecasts and models back down to individual project elements - the bottom-up approach. The modelling process is dynamic and the processes by which the outputs are achieved are transparent. This allows OFFPEX to be responsive to shifts in key industry drivers and events - changes and improvements to both inputs and processes are constantly being applied.

The Five & Seven Year Forecast

Across the world and sectors Infield Systems' five year forecast is extremely robust and can be drilled down to each element of a project. The five year forecast is used and relied upon by many of the key players within the industry for their strategic planning process. Because of the varying visibility of information and the type and complexity of projects, Infield Systems' team can extend this view to a seven year forecast for certain regions and sectors.

The 10 Year Trend Analysis

On top of the five and seven year forecast, the team is able to overlay a 10 year trend analysis across all regions and sectors.


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