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Offshore Technology Conference (OTC04), Houston, 3-6th May 2004.

OTC 04 in Houston was held in the Reliant centre and more attendees were received than ever before; a record 50,921. Over 2000 companies chose to exhibit at OTC 04 in Houston. Exhibitors and visitors from all over the world came to see the next generation of technology and innovation in the Oil & Gas industry and to hear and learn from the experiences of other companies within the industry. the estimated impact on the local Houston economy was some $50M.

This OTC04 Conference and exhibition was one of the largest exhibitions in the Offshore Oil and Gas industry.The show was one of the busiest ever.

Infield Systems Ltd were at OTC 04 in Houston at booth 2740 as one of the UK companies exhibiting in the UK pavillion at the purpose built Reliant Centre in Reliant Park.

Infield's Energy Database and new OFFPEX system generated a great deal of interest as did the, Online Systems and other products shown at OTC Houston. A record number of Deepwater maps were given out and Infield Systems' contributions to the "Show Dailys" were well received. The latest editions of a number of new reports available such as "The Deep and Ultra-deepwater Market Update Report" and "The Global Perspectives Floating Production Market Update 2004/08" .Shown together with an outline for the upcoming "The Global Perspectives Subsea Market Update 2004/08

For more information about how you can find us at OTC 2005 please contact Infield or visit the official OTC 05 Houston website.

Independent Operators - The Future of the North Sea Panel Discussion

On Thursday 6th May, Day 4 of OTC, Infield's Director of Analytical Services and Publications was the moderator in a panel discussion on

"Independent Operators, The Future of the North Sea."

North Sea discoveries have historically been large finds requiring large capital expenditures and associated with large infrastructures


This created a culture well suited to major and integrated oil and gas companies. The situation has now changed and this oil and gas province is now mature, the discoveries are smaller and the majors are moving their investments to areas offering greater reserves leaving behind profitable fields to be discovered, developed and operated by independents. The Gulf of Mexico's Continental Shelf stumbled then thrived through a similar transition in the 80's and 90's.

Are there sufficient similarities between the North Sea and the GoM so that the lessons learned during the Gulf's metamorphosis can be applied to the North Sea?

Will the lessons being learned today in the North Sea enhance operations in the GoM?

Are current UK tax and regulatory practices friendly towards this transformation?

Are changes required before independents can profitably exploit opportunities?
Are changes required before independents can profitably exploit fields in the North Sea thereby maintaining a healthy UK service industry?

The panel discussion explored these issues and was well attended..

OTC 04 in Houston promised to be even better than the very successful show in 2003 with a similar daily technical program of presentations. OTC 05 will have records to break in order to be more successful than OTC04.The official slogan for The Offshore Technology Conference 2003 was "Envision. Enable.Enact" for 2004 the organisers selected "Innovation without limits" capturing the spirit of optimism in the industry following a record turnout at OTC03 and will aim to do the same for OTC05.

For the latest on OTC05 follow this link: OTC05.

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