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Global Perspectives Pipelines, Risers & Umbilicals Technology & Players

The Global Perspectives Pipelines, Risers & Umbilicals Technology & Players report is a comprehensive insight to the technologies employed in this dynamic sector of the offshore oil and gas industry. The reports are designed for executives entering the sector for the first time who need a fast and clear understanding and for seasoned individuals who need to keep abreast of new advancements, new technologies and companies entering and leaving the sector.

The publication of the report is expected during the first or second quarter of 2005. For additional information then please contact the Infield Team

The main areas covered in the report are;
Pipeline Technologies
Rigid Steel Pipes
Flexible Flowlines
Bundled Line Systems
Piggy-Back Line Systems
Pipe-In-Pipe Systems
IRM – Installation Repair & Maintenance
Riser Technologies
Umbilical Technologies
Flow Assurance
New Technologies & Advancements
Case Studies
Main Players, Operators, Contractors and suppliers
Manufacturers Capabilities & Technologies
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