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Renewable Energy

This report examines the renewable energy business sector by sector, the technologies for its commercial exploitation and forecasts capital expenditure to 2010. International Governments have pledged to generate a significant proportion of their energy supply from renewable sources.

Biomass -

This now accounts for some 15% of total world energy supply and in some developing countries 35-50% of domestic energy is now derived from biomass. Industrial applications include CHP, electricity generation, space heating and other decentralized energy applications.

Solar energy - The report examines the distinct groups of photovoltaic or 'active' solar systems and thermal or 'passive' systems. Some of the major energy companies are already well established in this high growth sector. Major projects have begun in France and Spain

Wind Energy - This is the fastest growing renewable energy sector at a compound rate of over 30% p.a with key Governments backing its expansion. The report examines project opportunities and challenges in both offshore and onshore wind power.

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Geothermal - Perhaps the best known example of practical application is Iceland, where geothermal sources are now the second largest source of energy. However, there are many other examples of geothermal energy use globally, the most exploitable energy sources being concentrated in Europe, Asia and North America.
Wave energy - Technological developments in efficiency and reliability have brought wave energy from a conceptual to a development phase on its long journey to practical commercial exploitation. There is also growing local, national and international support that should lead to some competitive commercial applications before 2012.

Tidal and current stream energy - Widely acknowledged as one of the greatest untapped energy resources of the planet, key technological developments over the last decade ensures that tidal and current stream energy systems finally move out of their development and test stages and into practical commercial use.

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