Rig: Arpoador

Name Arpoador
Owner Sete Brasil S.A
Manager Petroleo Brasileiro S.A.
Rig Type Drillship
Sub Type Ultradeep Water
Jackup Type --
Max Water Depth (ft) 10000
Max Drill Depth (ft) 40000
Dimensions (ft)
Leg Length (ft) --
Competitive Yes

Current Location

Country Brazil
Region Latin America

Drilling Equipment

Drawworks Type AKMH Wirth
Drawworks HP --
Mud Pumps Type AKMH Wirth
Top Drive Aker Maritime Hydraulics
Hookload Capacity (lbs) --

Rig Construction Details

Rig Design Jurong
Rig Model Espadon Drillship
Year Built 2021
Country of Build Brazil
Yard Name Estaleiro Jurong Aracruz
Group Yard Name SembCorp Marine Ltd.

Rig Contract Details

Operating Status Under Construction
Operator Petrobras


19 Feb 2015

'Arpoador' drillship arrives in Jurong Aracruz shipyard

The Arpoador drillship arrived at Jurong Shipyard Aracruz Pier (“EJA”), this morning, February 19th, and began EJA begna the process for its release with the Receita Federal do Brasil. After its release, EJA will begin to assemble the crew accommodation mega blocks and the drilling rig. The equipment is already being assembled and was builtlast year by the EJA operation team, whilst the hull was being constructed in the shipyards of Sembcorp Marine Group in Singapore. To assemble the megablocks to the hull, a floating giant crane from EJA, with lifting capacity of up to 3,600 tons, will be used. The floating crane was manufactured in Japan, has a flag and Brazilian crew and is the largest in Latin America.The construction work of the drilling rig and crew accommodation will be carried out by about 1,000 EJA workers from different areas, such as welders, blasters, scaffold fitters, boilermakers, painters, technicians in shipbuilding, engineers, among others. The drillship Arpoador should be completed and delivered to the Sete Brasil later this year. The Arpoador is the first of seven drillships ordered by Sete Brasil to operate in the ultra-deepwater of the Brazilian pre-salt Santos Basin. In addition to the Arpoador, the Jurong Shipyard has been hired to construct the; Guarapari, Camburi, Itaoca, Itaúnas, Siri and Sahy drillships. The Arpoador, will have accommodation for a crew of up to 180 people, has extensive cargo capacity and useful space, advanced drilling equipment and a large central 'moon pool' (opening in the center of the ship similar to a pool where moving equipment drilling of oil wells). The drillship will be capable of operating at water depths of 10,000 feet (3,048 m) and drilling wells up to 40,000 feet (12.2 km) long.

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