Rig: Bideford Dolphin

Name Bideford Dolphin
Owner Bideford Dolphin Pte. Ltd.
Manager Dolphin Drilling Ltd.
Rig Type Semisub
Sub Type Midwater Floater
Jackup Type --
Max Water Depth (ft) 1500
Max Drill Depth (ft) 20000
Dimensions (ft) 355 x 221 x 70
Leg Length (ft) --
Competitive Yes

Current Location

Country Norway
Region NWECS

Drilling Equipment

Drawworks Type --
Drawworks HP --
Mud Pumps Type Continental Emsco FB-1600 Triplex
Top Drive Aker Maritime Hydraulics DDM-650-L
Hookload Capacity (lbs) 882000

Rig Construction Details

Rig Design Aker
Rig Model H-3
Year Built 1975
Country of Build Norway
Yard Name Verdal Shipyard
Group Yard Name Aker ASA

Rig Contract Details

Operating Status Cold Stacked
Operator --

Rig Images


20 Jun 2017

Consent to use Bideford Dolphin on the Snorre field

Statoil Petroleum AS has received consent to use the Bideford Dolphin drilling facility for drilling and completing well 34/7-A-10 on the Snorre field. Drilling is scheduled to begin on 7 July 2017 and to last 110 days. Bideford Dolphin is operated by Dolphin Drilling AS. Bideford Dolphin is a mobile drilling facility of the Aker H-3 type, built at Aker Verdal in 1975 and modified in 1998. The facility is classified by DNV GL and registered in Singapore. Bideford Dolphin was issued with an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) by the PSA in September 2004.

22 May 2017

Consent to use Bideford Dolphin at Vigdis

Statoil has received consent to use the Bideford Dolphin mobile drilling facility for production drilling at Vigdis. Statoil is to plug the B-1 AH production well on the Vigdis field. Using a sidetrack from this well, a new well is to be drilled, B-1 BH. The activities are to be undertaken using Bideford Dolphin, which is operated by Dolphin Drilling AS. Bideford Dolphin is a semi-submersible drilling facility of the Aker H-3 type, built at Aker Verdal in 1975 and modified in 1998. The facility is classified by DNV GL and registered in Singapore. Bideford Dolphin was issued with an Acknowledgement of Compliance (AoC) by the PSA in September 2004.

27 Jun 2016

Notice of Suspension for Bideford Dolphin

Dolphin Drilling AS, a subsidiary of Fred. Olsen Energy ASA, has received notice of suspension from Statoil for Bideford Dolphin. The rig will be suspended upon completion of current well, estimated to end of June 2016. The work is expected to resume beginning of October 2016. The rig will receive a suspension rate equal to 80% of operating rate during the suspension period.

5 Mar 2014

Statoil receives approval to use 'Bideford Dolphin' for development activity in Norway

Statoil has received consent to use the ‘Bideford Dolphin’ mobile drilling facility for drilling and completion on the Vigdis and Tordis fields and Statfjord satellites in production licences 089 and 037. Planned start-up is March 2014, and the activities will run until the first quarter of 2017. They are to be carried out using the Bideford Dolphin mobile drilling facility. The ‘Bideford Dolphin’ is a semi-submersible Aker H-3 drilling facility built in 1975 and operated by Dolphin AS.

17 Mar 2010

New rig contracts signed

Statoil has awarded a contract to Dolphin AS and a letter of intent to Seadrill for two rigs which will operate on the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). The Bideford Dolphin rig has won a three-year contract with start-up from 27 January 2011. The contract is worth about USD 421 million. Statoil has an option to extend the contract from three to four years by 1 November 2010. The value of the contract will then increase to about USD 553 million. Dolphin AS is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fred Olsen Energy ASA. Seadrill’s West Epsilon rig has been awarded a letter of intent for a four-year contract to take effect on 29 December 2010. This contract is worth about USD 394 million. The agreement is conditional on partner approval. Statoil can extend the contract period to five or six years before 1 October 2010. There will also be an option to extend the contract for an additional two years. Both rigs are working for Statoil at present. “We have great expectations that these rigs will continue their improvement efforts in health, safety and the environment and in drilling operations,” says Geir Slora, senior vice president for drilling and wells in Exploration & Production Norway. Before the global economic problems took full effect Statoil found that the rig rates had increased too much, and they did not decrease correspondingly when the market circumstances changed. Anders Opedal, senior vice president for procurement in Projects & Procurement, says that the rig rates are now at a more sustainable level. “We see that the cost level for rig charter is better adapted to the current market situation and we look forward to continuing cooperation with the two rigs,” says Opedal. “They will play an important part in helping us reach out production targets for the NCS in the next few years.”

10 Sep 2006

Incident on drilling rig Bideford Dolphin

About 50 cubic meters of oil-based mud and base oil leaked onto the seabed from the drilling rig Bideford Dolphin late Saturday. The leak occurred because of a break in a pipe during drilling. The well has been secured and there is no danger of further emissions. The emergency preparedness organization and containment resources have been mobilized. No oil has been observed on the surface, and the area will be checked regularly. The incident will be investigated. The “Bideford Dolphin” is owned by Fred Olsen Energy asa, but is working for Hydro in the Oseberg area.

22 Jun 2006

Rig contract with Fred. Olsen Energy

Hydro has signed a letter of intent for a three-year contract with Fred. Olsen Energy ASA for a prolonged use of the drilling rig 'Bideford Dolphin' from 2008 to 2011. Hydro is the operator of several new discoveries and subsea developments requiring rig capacity for drilling of production wells. This agreement allows Hydro to pursue an ambitious production drilling programme on the Norwegian continental shelf in the coming years. The value of the contract for the period 2008-2011 is NOK 2.9 billion. The contract is subject to partner approval. Bideford Dolphin is a semi-submersible rig, currently drilling production wells for Hydro in the Oseberg area.

25 Aug 2005

Oil and gas discovery near Oseberg South

Hydro has found oil and gas in exploration well 30/9-J-13H in the vicinity of the Oseberg South field. The plan is to convert the well to a production well and link it to the Oseberg South Platform. The discovery was made by the Bideford Dolphin drilling rig on the J-Central prospect. The new discovery is located close to the J-Structure where oil and gas production started up in June. In planning the development of the J-structure, Hydro has allowed for a J-Central find and the new discovery to be put into production within a short period of time. The well was drilled at 103 meters below sea level down to a total depth of 2,550 meters. “This find will help boost oil production from J-Structure into Oseberg Sør. Exploration, development and production from smaller deposits around existing production installations are important elements of Hydro’s drive to create maximum value in the Oseberg area,” says senior vice president Jan Arve Haugan, head of the Oseberg-Grane business area in Hydro Oil & Energy. The oil production from Oseberg South amounts to approximately 82.000 barrels per day. Included is the production from the J-Structure, which currently amounts to roughly 11,000 barrels per day. In its efforts to develop Oseberg’s oil and gas resources, Hydro has explored actively for additional resources with the intention of developing oil and gas deposits by linking them up to existing platforms. Oil and gas deposits were proven earlier this year in the B-South formation on Oseberg Sør. The satellite field Oseberg Vestflanken, which is being developed by means of subsea technology connected to the Oseberg Field Center, will come on stream in 2006. A development plan for the Oseberg Delta discovery was submitted to the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy in July of this year. It is planned to drill further exploration wells in the area, both from floating exploration rigs and as extensions to the fixed platform production wells in the area.

18 Oct 2004

Drilling contract awarded to Dolphin AS

Hydro has signed a letter of intent with the rig company Dolphin AS on the drilling of up to nine wells in the Norwegian continental shelf. The estimated value of this contract is around NOK 800 million. The agreement applies to the drilling rig Bideford Dolphin, which shall complete drilling on the Oseberg field in addition to drilling up to seven wells in the Fram field. Start-up is planned for May 2005, and the drilling programme is expected to last for 19 months. The contract includes options for up to 24 months after the completion of the programme. Hydro has made the reservation that the agreement is conditional on the approval of the development plans for the Fram Øst field by the licence partners and the authorities in the spring of 2005.

8 Dec 2002

Bideford Dolphin lifts anchor

The drill rig Bideford Dolphin finished production well work Friday on the Tordis field in the Norwegian sector of the North Sea. The well was secured and the vessel departed the field. As planned, Bideford Dolphin traveled directly to the repair yard. A new crack was discovered on the rig. Four stand-by vessels assisted Bideford Dolphin with anchor handling activities. There were 58 personnel aboard Bideford Dolphin on Friday morning. Most of the crew was later demobilized and flown ashore. A total of 20 personnel remained onboard while the rig was towed to the repair yard.

3 Dec 2002

Drill platform Bideford Dolphin temporarily out of operation

Hydro and rig company Dolphin AS have decided to temporarily take the drilling platform "Bideford Dolphin" out of operation after small cracks were discovered in the hull. The platform was operating on the Tordis field where it has been drilling a production well. "Bideford Dolphin" is securing the well and will head for land as quickly as possible for inspection and repairs. It was on Monday, Dec. 2, that Dolphin AS discovered the two cracks of five and seven centimeters long, respectively, in the structural framework of the vessel's hull. There is no danger to the platform's integrity and load capacity. The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate has been informed of the decision to take the drilling rig temporarily out of operation.

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