Rig: Maersk Inspirer

Name Maersk Inspirer
Owner Havila Holding AS
Manager Havila Holding AS
Rig Type Jackup
Sub Type Independent Leg Cantilever
Jackup Type High-Specification
Max Water Depth (ft) 492
Max Drill Depth (ft) 30000
Dimensions (ft) 291 x 336 x 39.4
Leg Length (ft) 673
Competitive Yes

Current Location

Country Norway
Region NWECS

Drilling Equipment

Drawworks Type National Oilwell Varco ADS 10Q
Drawworks HP 4600
Mud Pumps Type AKMH Wirth TPK 2200; TPK 800
Top Drive National Oilwell Varco TDS-8SA
Hookload Capacity (lbs) 2000000

Rig Construction Details

Rig Design Gusto MSC
Rig Model CJ70-150MC
Year Built 2004
Country of Build South Korea
Yard Name Ulsan Shipyard
Group Yard Name Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI)

Rig Contract Details

Operating Status Operational
Operator Repsol


11 Oct 2013

Statoil completes drilling of additional Volve field wells using 'Maersk Inspirer' jackup

Statoil Petroleum AS, operator of production licences 046 and 046 BS, has completed the drilling of wells 15/9-F-1 and 15/9-F-1 A on the Volve field, located between the Sleipner West and Sleipner East fields in the central North Sea. The purpose of the wells 15/9-F-1 and 15/9-F-1 A was to determine higher additional resources for the Volve field by proving petroleum in Middle Jurassic reservoir rocks (the Hugin formation) in the northwestern part of the field. Well 15/9-F-1 did not encounter the Hugin formation as expected, but the Smith Bank formation in Triassic due to a fault in the rock. A decision was therefore made to drill sidetrack well 15/9-F-1 A. The well encountered the Hugin formation with a reservoir thickness of approx. 47 metres, with poorer than anticipated reservoir quality. The Smith Bank and Hugin formation are aquiferous, and the wells have accordingly been classified as dry. Data was collected in the wells. The licences were awarded in the 3rd licensing round in 1975 production licence 046 and production licence 046 BS. Wells 15/9-1 and 15/9-1 A were drilled to vertical depths of 3275 and 3185 metres below sea level, respectively, with total depths of 3577 and 3627 metres below sea level, respectively. 15/9-F-1 and 15/9-F-1 A were concluded in the Smith Bank formation in Triassic and the Sleipner formation in Middle Jurassic, respectively. The wells have been permanently plugged and abandoned. Water depth at the site is 91 metres. Wells 15/9-F-1 and 15/9-F-1 A were drilled by the drilling and production facility Maersk Inspirer.

13 Feb 2008

Volve on stream

The StatoilHydro-operated Volve field in the North Sea came on stream on 12 February. The Volve field is located around 200 kilometres west of Stavanger in the southern section of the Norwegian continental shelf (NCS). StatoilHydro has a 59.6% interest in the field. Oil from the field will be produced by using the Mærsk Inspirer jackup rig, while Navion Saga will be used as a storage vessel for further transport. The gas will be sent to the Sleipner A platform for final processing and export. Recoverable reserves are estimated at 78.6 million barrels of oil and 1.5 billion standard cubic metres of gas. Production from Volve is expected to reach plateau production of 50,000 barrels per day by the end of the first quarter of 2009. StatoilHydro is operator of the field and has assigned the operations activities to Maersk. Maersk Inspirer is the world’s largest jackup rig and the only one of its kind used for production purposes on the NCS. Mærsk Inspirer started drilling in the summer of 2007 and has also completed the processing plant during this period. It has been decided to develop the field with eight wells but another five wells are already being planned and matured.

5 May 2007

Volve rig en route

The Maersk Inspirer, the world's biggest jack-up drilling rig is now being towed out to one of the Norwegian continental shelf's (NCS) smallest oil fields, Volve, in the North Sea. Statoil is consolidating its position as the largest small field operator on the NCS. "An independent development of Volve means that additional resources can be phased in later," says Bente Aleksandersen, operations vice president for the Sleipner, Volve and Glitne fields. "We will drill further exploration wells from the platform in the next few years. These can be converted into production wells." The Volve field alone has an expected life span of six years but if oil prices remain high that life span can be prolonged. There are possible additional reserves in the Volve area. "Exploration and development of smaller fields is important for us achieving our ambition of producing one million barrels of oil equivalent per day on the NCS until 2015," says Ms Aleksandersen. Operator Statoil is hiring the Maersk Inspirer rig, with processing facilities. Maersk Contractors Norge will manage production at the Volve field. The rig has been berthed at Haugesund north of Stavanger in recent months for installation and testing of the process facilities. "A tight schedule in a very tough market means that we are slightly behind with the Volve project," says Ole Jacob Næss, project manager. "We have prioritised safety over reaching our target on time." Oil from Volve will be temporarily stored on the Navion Saga vessel before being transported to market. Gas will be sent via pipeline to the Sleipner area. There, wet gas will be separated out and piped to Kårstø, with dry gas being piped to the European market. Total development and operation costs for Volve are estimated at around NOK 7 billion. Maersk Inspirer will drill eight wells in the first phase - three production wells, three water injection wells and two water production wells. Plans call for start-up to begin in the third quarter of 2007. Recoverable reserves are estimated to be 70 million barrels of oil and 1.5 billion standard cubic metres of gas. The field is expected to produce 50,000 barrels per day at plateau production. Statoil is operator with a 49.6% share. The other licensees are ExxonMobil (30.4%), PA Resources (10%) and Hydro (10%).

31 Jan 2007

Consent to use Mærsk Inspirer on the Volve field

Statoil ASA has secured consent to use the Mærsk Inspirer for production drilling on Volve during the period up to production start-up on the field. In April 2005, the Plan for development and operation (PDO) for Volve was approved by the Prince Regent in Council. The Volve oil field is situated about 200 km west of Stavanger. There are several gas and condensate fields in the area surrounding Volve. None of these fields have infrastructures that are suitable for phasing in Volve. Therefore, Volve is planned as a stand-alone development. The development concept includes use of a jack-up drilling and production facility (Mærsk Inspirer) and a storage facility (Navion Saga) for storage of stabilized oil. Our consent relates to use of the Mærsk Inspirer to carry out production drilling on the field prior to production start-up. According to the plan, production will commence in May 2007. Statoil will then require a new consent for use of the Mærsk Inspirer for drilling and production, as well as use of the Navion Saga for storage. The Mærsk Inspirer currently has an (AoC) as a mobile drilling facility. An application for AoC for the Mærsk Inspirer as a drilling and production facility is currently being processed in the PSA.

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