Atlantica Delta (Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd) (Semi-Tender)

Atlantica Delta Semi Tender Delivered

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14 December 2015

December 11, 2015 Atlantica Delta semi tender was delivered by DSIC (Dalian). The Delta will be loaded aboard the Mighty Servant III for the 10,000 nautical mile, 5 week voyage to West Africa where it will immediately commence a term development drilling contract for Total Congo. The Delta will be positioned in 800m of water with pre-laid mooring adjacent to the recently delivered Moho Nord TLP.


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13 May 2015

Atlantica Tender Drilling announce early termination of 'Alpha' contract

Atlantica Tender Drilling Ltd (“Atlantica”) today announced that due to the depressed oil price environment, Total E&P Congo has elected to early terminate the contract for the Alpha. The contract is expected to come to reach its conclusion of the present well expected later this month. Atlantica intends to warm stack the Alpha offshore Congo (Brazzaville) in anticipation of future work in the area. The Alpha is presently being actively marketed to operators in both major tender assist regions: Southeast Asia and West-Africa.

3 Feb 2016

Atlantica Delta arrived in Pointe Noire, Congo

January 30, 2016, the Atlantica Delta arrived in Pointe Noire, Congo to commence its contract with Total Congo on the Moho Nord development.

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