Caspian Driller (Momentum Engineering) (Jackup)

'Caspian Driller' start up pushed back to late Q1 2015

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20 January 2015

Dragon Oil Plc (“Dragon Oil”) has released an operational update for the company’s onshore and offshore oil and gas operations, including drilling activity for the entirety of 2014. During 2014, Dragon Oil successfully drilled 14 development and appraisal wells, with activity ramping up in the 2H 2014. For its offshore drilling operations the company has been using the Neptune and Iran Khazar (Elima) jackup rigs. The delivery of the Caspian Driller jackup which was expected to occur in 2H 2014 has once again been delayed and the unit is now expected to begin operation in the Cheleken Contract Area in late Q1 2015.


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8 Apr 2014

'Caspian Driller' expected to be on site in 2H 2014

Dragon Oil plc (Dragon Oil), an international oil and gas exploration, development and production company, today published a quarterly update on the drilling activity in the Cheleken Contract Area and its exploration assets in the first quarter of 2014. In the Cheleken Contract Area, the Dzheitune (Lam) B/155A sidetrack was completed by the jack-up rig ‘Iran Khazar’ (Elima) as a single producer to a depth of 2,447 metres and tested in February 2014 at an initial production rate of 1,027 barrels of oil per day. Currently, the well is producing 1,175 barrels of oil per day. The jack-up rig has been mobilised to the Dzheitune (Lam) 4 platform and is drilling the Dzheitune (Lam) 4/187B well to appraise a location for a future platform: the current depth is 2,550 metres with a high angle inclination. Whilst in March 2014, the ‘Neptune’ jack-up rig spudded the Dzhygalybeg (Zhdanov) 21/101 development well. Meanwhile Dragon Oil now expects delivery of the ‘Caspian Driller’ jack-up rig in the 2H 2014. The unit has been delayed numerous times and is currently undergoing further inspection and maintenance work in a shipyard in Kazakhstan. Upon delivery the ‘Caspian Driller’ will begin a five year contract with Dragon Oil in Turkmenistan.

5 Aug 2014

Dragon Oil set to take delivery of 'Caspian Driller' in Q3 2014

Dragon Oil in its 2014 interim results has announced that the ‘Caspian Driller’ jack-up rig is expected to arrive into the Cheleken Contract Area in 2H 2014. Upon delivery, the lease and management contract is expected to commence for an initial duration of five years, with an option to extend it for a further period of up to two years. Steps are being undertaken to mobilise the ‘Caspian Driller’ in late 3Q 2014 and spud a well using this rig in 4Q 2014. The unit which was originally constructed at CIMC Raffles in China and then transported to the Krasnye Barrikady Shipyard in Russia before being moved to a shipyard in Kazakhstan, where it is undergoing final completion and preparation for commissioning.

29 Sep 2014

'Caspian Driller' arrives at field location in Turkmenistan

The ‘Caspian Driller’ jackup, designed by CIMC Raffles, has successfully arrived in the Caspian Sea in Turkmenistan and successfully finished leg-standing at requested spot. The general design and construction was finished by CIMC Raffles, with the key equipment and modules integrated in Yantai Shipyard and commissioning in Russia KB shipyard. It will be operated on a 5-year lease from Dragon Oil.

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