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DSIC successfully delivers second DSJ300 jackup

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20 April 2013

At 9 o’clock on March, 25th, 2013, the DSJ300-2 Jackup Drilling Rig was successfully delivered by DSIC Offshore. The DSJ300 series is self-designed and developed by DSIC with their own patent licenses. The success of DSJ300 series, has set up a solid foundation of expanding the oversea market and promoting DSJ350 (350 feet) and DSJ400 (400 feet) Jackup Drilling Rigs. On the basis of the successful delivery of the DSJ300-01, all departments worked together, optimized design scheme, improved the production management method and technological process, and finally achieved the goal of DSJ300-02 delivery in the beginning of 2013. In the year of 2012, 8 rigs were under construction simultaneously and the high production load brought many difficulties to DSIC Offshore. However we still achieve the goal of construction and delivery and we are ready to meet the new challenges in the year of 2013.


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