ODN Tay IV (Odebrecht Óleo e Gás S.A.) (Semisub)

Fairmount Sherpa Towed ODN Tay IV to Brazil

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04 May 2012

Fairmount Marine’s tug Fairmount Sherpa has towed the rig ODN Tay IV from Las Palmas towards a location offshore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For this job Fairmount Marine was contracted by Odebrecht Oil and Gas for the third time in a row. ODN Tay IV is a semi-submersible drilling rig for deep water operations owned by Odebrecht Oil & Gas, part of leading Brazilian multinational Odebrecht SA. The rig has undergone an upgrading at a shipyard at Las Palmas, Canary Islands. For her next assignment for Brazilian oil company Petrobras the ODN Tay IV had to be towed to Brazil. Tug Fairmount Sherpa towed the ODN Tay IV over a distance of 3,800 miles from Las Palmas to a location offshore Rio de Janeiro. The towage took just 30 days by an average speed of 5.2 knots. Upon arrival Fairmount Sherpa was requested to stay connected to ODN Tay IV to perform heading control duties during the inward clearance of the rig and preparations prior departure to the field.

Source: http://www.fairmount.nl/index.php/news/detail/241

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