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Fairmount Summit Delivers Delba III to Brazil

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29 February 2012

The Fairmount Summit has delivered the new build drilling rig ODN DELBA III safely from the Persian Gulf to a location offshore Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The total voyage over a distance of 10,625 miles was performed with an average speed of 6.0 knots. ODN DELBA III is a semi-submersible drilling rig for deep water operations built in Abu Dhabi for Odebrecht Drilling Services, part of Odebrecht S.A., a leading Brazilian multinational. Odebrecht contracted Fairmount Marine to tow ODN DELBA III from Muscat, Oman, to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. For this job the Fairmount Summit was mobilized to the Persian Gulf. During the towage at a stop-over at Cape Town, South Africa, some cargo runs were performed by the also contracted Fairmount Fuji. This multi-purpose DSV/supply vessel had just returned to Cape Town after a survey job on the Atlantic Ocean. The towage of ODN DELBA III was Fairmount Marine’s second successful operation for Odebrecht in a short period. Earlier Fairmount Marine performed the towage of semi-submersible drilling rig NORBE VI, a sister unit of ODN DELBA III, for Odebrecht.


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