Satti (KMG Drilling & Services LLP) (Jackup)

'Satti' jackup rig launched in Caspian Sea

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20 April 2015

At the Caspian shipyard Ersai, located in Kuryk village of Mangistau Oblast the dry-dock launching of the Satti jackup drilling rig took place, the keel of which was laid down on May 8th, 2013. Rakimbek Amirzhanov, Deputy Governor of Mangistay Oblast said that it was the first jackup drilling rig built in Kazakhstan. Upon completion the Satti jackup will be capable of working in deeper waters than the Caspian Explorer drilling barge. It is also fit for operating in the Iranian sector of the Caspian Sea where the depth is over 40 metres. The Satti is the first jackup that is being 100% built in Kazakhstan, with construction taking place at two docks: Keppel Kazakhstan LLP located at the free economic zone and the final assembly was performed at Ersai Caspian Contractor LLP,"- says Rakimbek Amirzhanov. The Satti rig is designed for drilling operations in the Caspian Sea and its width is 72 meter, the height is 64 meters. The rig consists of modified triangular body with three triangular supports 119 meters high. This will allow drilling as deep as 50 up to 80 meters. The rig has living accommodations and helicopter pad. The total weight of the rig is 10,800 tons.


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5 Jul 2012

Keppel to build jackup in Kazkhstan

Teniz Burgylau LLP (Teniz) and a consortium consisting of Keppel Kazakhstan LLP and ERSAI Caspian Contractor LLP have signed a contract for the turnkey construction of the first self-elevating floating drilling rig to be built in Kazakhstan. The project for the construction of Kazakhstan’s FDR is one of the breakthrough innovative projects in the country. The project documentation developed by Keppel FELS Ltd. was agreed with the authorized bodies of the RK and classification societies: American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS). FDR’s systems are designed for the use in corrosive environments and in the presence of hydrogen sulfide. The project provides for compliance with SFAS zero discharge, that is, a complete ban on discharges into the marine environment of wastes resulting from industrial activity, so that all waste will be collected and transported in sealed containers to shore for treatment and disposal. The project is implemented by Teniz and supported by the National Company KazMunaiGaz. Construction of the FDR will take place at Keppel’s shipyard in the Mangistau region, involving up to 1,000 people and will be completed in the first quarter of 2015. The first jackup drilling rig to be built in Kazkhstan will be designed to operate in water depths from 5-80m.

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