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Seadrill orders two more jackups as it looks to boost 'high-specification' fleet

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20 June 2013

Seadrill has announced a new order for two ‘high-specification’ jackup rigs from Dalian Shipyard in China. Each unit is valued at around US$230 million and are based on Friede & Goldman’s JU-2000E jackup design, with the ability to operate in 400ft of water whilst drilling down to 30,000ft. The units which are due for delivery in Q4 2015 and Q1 2016 are the seventh and eighth jackups that Seadrill have ordered from the Dalian shipyard for delivery over the next three years. The units will help to increase Seadrill’s jackup fleet to 29 units once all the units have been delivered as the company looks to establish a strong position in the ‘high-specification’ jackup market.

Source: http://www.seadrill.com/modules/module_123/proxy.asp?C=42&I=2608&D=2&mid=224

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