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'ZHONG YOU HAI 16' jackup successfully towed and raised

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06 March 2014

On the 24th February 2014, the Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipyard (SWS) announced the launching of the H1289 and keel laying of H1320, as well as the towing of the H1318 (‘ZHONG YOU HAI 16’) jackup units. At 5:00 am on February 20th, while many people were still in their sleep, H1318 started to be towed from SWS outfitting quay. By learning from the experience on the last towage of H1288, the operation plan of this rig was further improved. The cooperative partner of this event, DONGHAI RESCUE BUREAU dispatched two high-powered tug boats to implement the task. With the escort and supervisory by Shanghai Maritime Administration, Fishery Administration and Coast Public Security Bureau, the Jack Up smoothly arrived at SWS Offshore on February 21st within 24 hours consecutive drifting. In the following positioning operation, it was the first time for SWS to undertake command of control work alone in the lifting operation. With the efforts of all relative personnel, the legs locating eventually completed in the afternoon of February 24th after the per-leg erection, location, spud can connecting the earth, the piles inserting into the bottom of river, three rounds test of blasting, piles pressing, static surveying and rig up floating. It was the first time to adopt the dynamic positioning technique that guarantee the perfect position-fixing of rig, the safety air gap of lifting, and the successful completion of the whole operation.

Source: http://www.chinasws.com/component_news/news_detail.php?id=715

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