Rig: Stena DrillMAX

Name Stena DrillMAX
Owner Stena Drilling
Manager Stena Drilling Ltd.
Rig Type Drillship
Sub Type Ultradeep Water
Jackup Type --
Max Water Depth (ft) 10000
Max Drill Depth (ft) 35000
Dimensions (ft) 748 x 137.8 x 62.34
Leg Length (ft) --
Competitive Yes

Current Location

Country Guyana
Region Latin America

Drilling Equipment

Drawworks Type --
Drawworks HP --
Mud Pumps Type National Oilwell Varco FC-2200 Triplex
Top Drive National Oilwell Varco HPS-1000
Hookload Capacity (lbs) 2000000

Rig Construction Details

Rig Design Samsung
Rig Model Stena DrillMAX
Year Built 2007
Country of Build South Korea
Yard Name Geoje (Koje) Shipyard
Group Yard Name Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI)

Rig Contract Details

Operating Status Operational
Operator ExxonMobil Corporation

Rig Images


26 May 2017

FAN South-1 Well Spud

The Cairn operated FAN South-1 exploration well has commenced drilling. The well is being drilled in 2,139 meters of water to an expected total depth of 5,317 meters below the mudline. The Stena Drillmax drillship is completing the well.

18 May 2017

Senegal SNE-6 Appraisal Well result

Cairn is pleased to announce the results of another successful appraisal well offshore Senegal. Rig performance continues to be excellent and operations have been safely and successfully completed ahead of schedule and under budget following drilling, logging and drill stem testing (DST). The objective of the SNE-6 well, together with the previous successful SNE-5 well, was to flow oil from one of the principal units in the upper (400 series) reservoirs and demonstrate connectivity between the two wells. Pressure data from SNE-6 immediately confirmed good connectivity with SNE-5 and accordingly a short DST was performed. SNE-6 is being plugged and abandoned and the Stena DrillMAX drill ship is moving location to commence operations at the FAN SOUTH exploration well, ~20km south west of the SNE-3 well in ~2,175m water depth. FAN SOUTH is targeting a mean prospective resource of more than 110 mmbbls with dual prospects; an Upper Cretaceous stacked multi-layer channelized turbidite fan prospect and a Lower Cretaceous base of slope turbidite fan prospect, which is equivalent to the FAN-1 2014 oil discovery.

6 Feb 2015

Apache spuds Suriname well

Apache Suriname Corp. LDC, a subsidiary of Apache Corp. (“Apache”), has started its drilling operations in Block 53 utilizing Stena’s DrillMax drillship. It’s the first time that a 6th generation drillship has operated in offshore Suriname. This dynamically positioned drillship has a length of 228 meters and is 42 meters wide. The Popokai (Parrot)-1wild cat will be drilled in 1,492 meters of water and lies approximately 200 kilometres from the Surinamese coast line.

25 Apr 2014

Tullow come up dry with Mauritania well

Tullow Oil plc (Tullow) today announces that the Tapendar-1 exploration well in the C-10 licence, offshore Mauritania, has not encountered hydrocarbons and the well is being plugged and abandoned. Tapendar-1 is the second exploration well in Tullow’s Mauritania exploration campaign, following the Frégate-1 well in February 2014. The objective of Tapendar-1 was to test two targets of Miocene and Upper Cretaceous age. At the Miocene interval a major undrilled turbidite fairway was penetrated and encountered excellent quality, well developed, reservoir sands. However, these sands were water bearing at this location. The deeper Upper Cretaceous target tested a salt flank play, which at this location, did not encounter any sands. The well reached total depth of 3,752 metres and is currently being plugged and abandoned after which the Stena DrillMax drill ship will leave Mauritania. Tullow has a significant exploration position offshore Mauritania. A variety of exploration prospects and plays, independent of the Tapendar and Frégate results, remain highly prospective. Data from the Frégate-1 and Tapendar-1 wells will now be analysed and integrated into the seismic data previously acquired across Tullow’s Mauritania acreage before the next well locations and timings are confirmed. Seismic acquisition in Blocks C-3 and C-18 will also continue this year. Tullow operates the C-10 licence with 59.10% equity and is partnered by Premier Oil plc (6.23%), Kufpec (11.12%), Petronas (13.5%) and SMHPM (10%).

18 Feb 2014

Fregate-1 exploration well to be plugged and abandoned following evaluation

The Fregate-1 exploration well being drilled in Block 7, offshore Mauritania, is being plugged and abandoned at a depth of 5,426m MD BRT. The well discovered gas-condensate and oil pay in multiple thin, but good quality sands within the Lower Cormoran (Santonian) and in the first primary target Petronia (Santonian to Coniacian) intervals. However, the deeper primary target (Fregate Main) contained only a minor hydrocarbon column. The results are being evaluated. Fregate-1 has confirmed the potential of the Late Cretaceous turbidite reservoirs which were proven to contain light oil in Block 7 by the Aigrette-1 well (Dana, 2006) and gas and gas-condensate by Pelican-1 (Dana, 2003) and Cormoran-1 (Dana, 2010) and extended the Block 7 oil province into the south of the block.

12 Jul 2013

Tap Oil releases final starfish-1 well update

Tap Oil Limited (“TAP”) provides the following update of the Starfish-1 oil exploration well in the Offshore Accra Contract Area, Ghana. In the period since 1400 hours (AWST) on 9th July 2013, wireline logging operations were completed and the well is being abandoned ahead of the rig being released. There will be no further weekly reports on the well. Logs have confirmed the presence of a gross 230m sandstone interval in the primary target interval although the logs show these to be water wet. The secondary target contained poorly developed sands which were also water-bearing. The Joint Venture will continue to evaluate all data from the well in order to re-assess the overall block prospectivity ahead of the 23 September 2013 election date to enter into Phase 2. This will include further examination of what Tap considers to be possible evidence of residual oil in the secondary and primary targets. Any such evidence may provide further support for an active petroleum system in the block.

10 Jul 2013

Starfish-1 well reaches TD in Ghana

Tap Oil Limited (“TAP”) provides the following update of the Starfish-1 oil exploration well in the Offshore Accra Contract Area, Ghana. During the period from 1400 hours (AWST) on 2 July 2013 to 1400 hours (AWST) on 9 July 2013, Starfish-1 was drilled to a final total depth of 4,380 metres. Wireline logging operations were undertaken to evaluate the hydrocarbon potential of the primary target. The Operator has commenced its preliminary analysis. Tap’s preliminary interpretation of the wireline logs and MDT data is that no movable hydrocarbons have been encountered in the well, based on the current data.

3 Jul 2013

Tap Oil releases second starfish-1 drilling update

Tap Oil Limited (“TAP”) provides the following update of the Starfish-1 oil exploration well in the Offshore Accra Contract Area, Ghana. During the period from 1400 hours (AWST) on 25 June 2013 to 1400 hours (AWST) on 2 July 2013 the 17½” (444.5mm) hole section was drilled to final total depth. The 13?” (340mm) casing was run and set at 3,035 metres and the well drilled ahead in the 12¼” (311mm) hole section to 3,695 metres.

26 Jun 2013

Tap Oil releases starfish-1 drilling update

Tap Oil Limited (“TAP”) provides the following update of the Starfish-1 oil exploration well in the Offshore Accra Contract Area, Ghana. During the period from 1400 hours (AWST) on 19 June 2013 to 1400 hours (AWST) on 25 June 2013 the well was drilled to a depth of 2,627 metres. The 20” (508mm) casing was run and set at 2,218 metres and the BOPs were installed, prior to drilling ahead in the 17½” (444.5mm) hole section.

19 Jun 2013

'Stena DrillMAX' spuds Starfish-1 well

Tap Oil Limited (“TAP”) is pleased to advise that at 0820 hours Perth time on 19th June 2013, the Stena DrillMAX, Dual Derrick Drillship commenced drilling the Starfish-1 oil exploration well in the Offshore Accra Contract Area, Ghana. The well will target a large stratigraphic trap in the deep water of eastern Ghana, interpreted to be potentially comparable to the Jubilee oil field in western Ghana. Tap estimates that the well will target prospective resources potentially half a billion barrels, (431 mmbbls (P50)). The Starfish prospect is located in the Offshore Accra Contract Area in offshore Ghana along the prolific offshore West African Margin. The Starfish prospect was matured following reprocessing of the original 3D seismic data and the acquisition of the new 3D survey in 2011 over the outboard deep water area. The Contract Area is now covered by quality 3D seismic data. In the event of a discovery at Starfish-1 confirming a significant petroleum system, there are a number of other leads and prospects identified on the block that would be of interest. The Operator, Ophir Energy, continues to work on the existing lead and prospect inventory. The well will be drilled as a vertical well in a water depth of 1,500 metres and is expected to take 35 days (trouble free) to drill to a proposed total depth of 4,560 metres. Tap’s cost for the well is expected to be approximately A$11.6 million.

4 Dec 2012

Well result – Zaedyus-2, offshore French Guiana

Following speculation in the French press, Tullow Oil plc (Tullow) announces that the Zaedyus-2 appraisal well (GM-ES-2), offshore French Guiana, has completed drilling. The well, drilled 5km up-dip from the Zaedyus-1 well, encountered a total of 85 metres of reservoir quality sands with oil shows in several objectives but did not encounter commercial hydrocarbons at this location. Results of drilling, logging and sampling to date have shown that the reservoirs at this location are not in communication with Zaedyus-1. Integration of information obtained from the two wells with the 3D seismic data suggests the reservoirs are geologically separated from Zaedyus-1. As Zaedyus-2 is up-dip and disconnected from Zaedyus-1, this result has no bearing on the bulk of the undrilled prospectivity which is located downdip of Zaedyus-1. Future drilling on the Zaedyus fan system should therefore target the significant upside in the Zaedyus down-dip prospects and the down-dip elements of Zaedyus Deep. The Zaedyus-2 well was drilled in the Guyane Maritime licence using the Stena DrillMax Dynamically Positioned Drillship. The well was drilled in water depths of 1,894 metres and has been drilled to a depth of 6,200 metres and logging operations are ongoing. The second well in this four-well programme is Priodontes-1, targeting an adjacent prospect within the same Cingulata fan system, and is expected to commence drilling in early December. Tullow has a 27.5% stake in the Guyane Maritime licence and is partnered by Shell, who are operator and hold a 45% stake, Total (25%) and Northpet (2.5%), a company owned 50% by Northern Petroleum plc and 50% by Wessex Exploration plc.

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