Rig: Valaris 113

Name Valaris 113
Owner Advanced Energy Systems (ADES)
Manager Advanced Energy Systems (ADES)
Rig Type Jackup
Sub Type Independent Leg Cantilever
Jackup Type Premium
Max Water Depth (ft) 400
Max Drill Depth (ft) 30000
Dimensions (ft) 237 x 224 x 28
Leg Length (ft) 532
Competitive Yes

Current Location

Country Philippines
Region South East Asia

Drilling Equipment

Drawworks Type National Oilwell Varco ADS 10T
Drawworks HP --
Mud Pumps Type National Oilwell Varco 14-P-220 Triplex
Top Drive National Oilwell Varco TDS-8SA
Hookload Capacity (lbs) 1500000

Rig Construction Details

Rig Design Baker Marine
Rig Model Pacific 400
Year Built 2012
Country of Build Singapore
Yard Name PPL Shipyard
Group Yard Name SembCorp Marine Ltd.

Rig Contract Details

Operating Status Cold Stacked
Operator --


12 Jan 2015

Atwood secures contract for 'Atwood Mako'

Atwood Oceanics, Inc. (“Atwood”) announced today that the company has secured a short term contract for its Atwood Mako jackup. The contract is for a period of 70 days and includes a priced option period. Atwood did not release details of the contractor or the country of operation, instead the company highlighted that the unit would continue to work in South East Asia, at a rate of USD155,000 a day. The unit will mobilise to its new location and begin the contract upon completion of its current contract with EnQuest in Malayisa.

4 Dec 2014

EnQuest hire 'Atwood Mako' for Malaysia drilling

Atwood Oceanics (Atwood), has been awarded a new drilling contract for its ‘Atwood Mako’ jackup rig. According to the company’s fleet status report released on the 1st December 2014, EnQuest PLC has through its subsidiary EQ Petroleum Developments Malaysia SDN BHD has hired the rig for a two well drilling operation in Malaysia. The unit which recently completed a contract with Salamander Energy in Thailand, will remain idle in Malaysia until the contract begins on the 2nd January 2015. The dayrate for the new contract has been set at USD145,000. In other news, Atwood announced that it has retired the ‘Atwood Southern Cross’ semisub through the sale of the asset to a shipyard. The 38 year old unit has been cold stacked since completing its last contract with Audax Resources in 2010.

8 Jan 2014

Bualuang Field Update

Salamander Energy announces that due to a damaged production riser, production from the Bualuang oil field has been temporarily shut-in. During bad weather conditions, the Rubicon Vantage FPSO drifted into the exclusion zone designed to protect the production infrastructure. The Vantage's mooring chains then came into contact with, and damaged, the production riser resulting in a small amount of oil being observed on the surface. Production was immediately halted and operations commenced to clean up the discharge, estimated to be approximately 20 barrels. The situation was contained and all oil was successfully dispersed within a five hour period. Further inspection work and repairs are underway. The FPSO owner has made arrangements for a new production riser to be fitted if required, which on current schedule would see production re-commence around 25th January 2014. Salamander does not anticipate that it will incur any significant repair costs. Development drilling is not impacted by these events and the Atwood Mako rig remains on the Bravo platform and is currently drilling the BB-02H well. Salamander will use the opportunity provided by this period of downtime to accelerate planned maintenance and has rescheduled some of the hook up work on the recently installed process modules. The new FSO, that will be installed later this year, will have a turret mooring system with 360 degree swivel capability with no need for an exclusion zone and hence the risk of this kind of incident being repeated will be removed. Despite the shut-in the Group's production forecast for 2014 remains unchanged with production expected to average between 13,000 and 16,000 boepd.

18 Sep 2013

Spud of Ayutthaya Exploration Well

Salamander Energy plc announces the spud of an exploration well in Block G4/50, Gulf of Thailand targeting the Ayutthaya prospect. Ayutthaya is located in the Western Central sub-basin, some 7 km northeast of the recent Surin oil discovery. The well will target oil in Miocene sandstones and is estimated to contain mean prospective recoverable resources of 30 MMbo. The well will be drilled to approximately 2,350 metres total vertical depth sub-sea using the Atwood Mako jack up rig.

6 Aug 2013

Surin Oil Discovery

Salamander Energy plc announces that the G4/50-5 exploration well, has discovered oil in the Surin prospect in the central portion of the Western sub-basin, Block G4/50, Gulf of Thailand. Oil was discovered in good quality Miocene fluvial sandstones in the primary N40 target zone over the interval 1,525 to 1,533 metres TVDSS. Wire-line logs and pressure data confirmed the presence of approximately 8 metres of oil pay. Oil samples recovered from the zone indicate a 31 degree API oil and mapping of the Surin fault block indicates between 15 and 20 metres of column height above the location of the well penetration. Further evaluation is required to determine the potential resource volume encountered in the Surin discovery. The well has been plugged and abandoned as an oil discovery. James Menzies, Chief Executive of Salamander, commented: "The discovery of oil in the Surin fault block, a 25 km step out from the Bualuang field, has proven the access to an oil charge in the Western Central sub-basin, which had been identified as a key risk pre-drill. Resource estimates for Surin are being assessed but this is clearly a positive step in de-risking the neighbouring prospects and in understanding the local petroleum system."

29 Jul 2013

Spud of G4/50-5 Exploration Well

Salamander Energy plc announces the spud of the next well in its on-going exploration programme in Block G4/50, Gulf of Thailand. The G4/50-5 exploration well is targeting the Surin prospect, located in the north west of the block in the Western Central sub-basin. G4/50-5 is targeting oil in Miocene sandstones and is estimated to contain mean prospective recoverable resources of 16 MMbo with access to hydrocarbon charge being identified as the key risk. Exploration success at Surin would open the play in the Western Central subbasin and de-risk the neighbouring Ayutthaya and Buriram prospects. G4/50-5 will be drilled to approximately 2,125 metres total vertical depth sub-sea using the Atwood Mako jack up rig and is expected to take around 10 days to reach target depth. On completion of the G4/50-5 well the rig will return to the Bravo platform to continue the development drilling campaign on the Bualuang field.

15 Jul 2013

Rayong Exploration Well

Salamander Energy plc announces that the G4/50-4 exploration well, targeting the Rayong prospect in the Kra Central sub-basin, Block G4/40, Gulf of Thailand, has been drilled to a total vertical depth subsea of 1,889 metres. The well encountered a 119 metre section of excellent quality P20 Miocene sandstones, the primary target on depth prognosis. However, following the completion of a logging and sampling programme, these sandstones were found to be water-wet. In the deeper Permian carbonate target the well encountered a 34 metre section of Ratburi limestone which was not deemed to be of reservoir quality. The well has been plugged and abandoned and the Atwood Mako rig is now mobilising to drill the Surin prospect in the Western Central sub-basin.

13 Nov 2012

NW-1 Exploration Well Update

The B8/38-8 exploration well targeting the Northwest Terrace prospect (“NW-1”) has been drilled to TD. The NW-1 well was targeting a small fault terrace structure located north of the Bualuang field. The well reached a TD of 1,792 metres true vertical depth sub-sea (“TVDSS”) and a program of wire-line logging, pressure and liquid sampling undertaken. The well encountered thin oil-bearing early Miocene T2 sandstones below 1,725 metres TVDSS. Well-developed sections of both the T5 and T4 mid-Miocene sandstones were found to be water-wet. The initial conclusion is that the sand-rich section of the T5 has led to leakage across the bounding fault at this location. The well is currently being plugged and abandoned as a sub-commercial oil discovery.

22 Oct 2012

Spudding of Bualuang B8/38-8 (NW-1) Exploration Well

Salamander Energy plc announces the start of its exploration campaign in the Greater Bualuang area, offshore Gulf of Thailand. The B8/38-8 (NW-1) well is testing one of a number of fault terraces to the north west of the Bualuang oil field. Resource potential of 10 – 15 MMbo has been identified in a cluster of prospects to the north of the field. The B8/38-8 (NW-1) well will be drilled by the Atwood Mako jack up rig that is under long term contract to the Group and recently concluded a short drilling programme from Bualuang Alpha Platform. B8/38-8 (NW-1) is expected to be a 14 day well and is the first of two exploration wells that are currently envisaged as part of the immediate programme. The Bualuang Bravo Platform construction is complete and the load-out, sail-away, hook up and commissioning will commence later this month. Once installed, the rig will move onto the Bravo Platform for a 16 well development drilling programme, which will lead to a sharp rise in production from the Bualuang field in 2013.

20 Sep 2012

Atwood Mako Rig Spudded First Well

Salamander Energy plc announces that the Atwood Mako jack up rig (the “Mako”) has arrived on location and commenced development drilling from the Bualuang Alpha platform on the Group’s B8/38 licence in the Gulf of Thailand. The Mako is on long term contract, and will initially complete a short development drilling programme on the Bualuang Alpha Platform. Salamander will then be using the rig to drill two exploration prospects on its acreage in the Greater Bualuang area ahead of an extended development drilling campaign from the Bualuang Bravo platform from the end of October.

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