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Global Perspectives Deep & Ultra-deepwater Technology & Market Report 2008-12

The Global Perspectives Deep & Ultra-deepwater Technology & Markets Report 2008-12 is a comprehensive insight to the technologies employed in this dynamic sector of the offshore oil and gas industry. The reports are designed for executives entering the sector for the first time who need a fast and clear understanding and for seasoned individuals who need to keep abreast of new advancements, new technologies and companies entering and leaving the sector.

The First Edition of the Global Perspectives Deep &
Ultra-Deepwater Report, published by Infield Energy Analysts, provides an in-depth independent analysis and review of the technologies employed to develop prospects in water depths of 500 metres and greater and the Market through 2008-12.

As many of the world’s more easily accessible offshore hydrocarbon deposits have been discovered and produced successfully over the past five decades, the industry has required itself to explore in progressively more inaccessible locations in its search for further oil and gas reserves. This search has precipitated a movement into progressively deeper waters, to the point where deepwater activity has, over the past ten years, evolved from a frontier activity into an intrinsic and strategically important element of most global offshore operator’s asset portfolios.

Indeed, the growth and development of deepwater
(defined as water depths of between 500 and 1,499 metres) and ultra-deepwater (defined as water depths of 1,500 metres and more) activity is, and is expected to remain, a key element of the continued expansion of the offshore oil and gas industry. Furthermore, the significance of this activity has been heightened
by the recent increases in commodity prices and growing concern over future reserves and supply The surge in deep and ultra-deepwater activity has fuelled a drive by many service companies
to invest in adding deepwater capability.

Indeed, there is very little of the service industry that has not been touched directly or indirectly by this push to deepwater. In spite of this added capability it still seems likely that the industry is going to reach certain choke points, particularly regarding deepwater pipelay and heavy lift capability.

At present, the ultra-deepwater exploration limits exceed those of ultra-deepwater production, which means that at certain depths, a successful find may be technically unexploitable. However, the expectation is that with improvements in technology, understanding and the availability of equipment more and more finds will become economically recoverable,
facilitating the continued growth of the deep and ultra-deepwater sector through to 2012 and beyond.

The Deep & Ultra-deepwater Technologies & Projects Report 2008/12 profiles offshore oil & gas exploration, development and production activity in each of the major global deepwater provinces over the period to 2012

Who should buy this report?

Infield’s reports have been purchased by Executive Managers, senior managers, analysts, consultants, and government bodies from a wide spectrum of organisations including Oil companies, Investment organisations, insurance companies, Manufaturers, Contractors and service and supply companies.

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Why you should buy this report:
● The report provides an in-depth analysis and profile of deep and ultra-deepwater fields forecast to come onstream over the period to 2012, including an analysis of levels of reserves onstream, development types utilised and participating operators.

● Profiling of the key technologies that are expected to play an increasingly prominent role within the exploration, development and production of deep and ultra-deepwater
oil and gas reserves through to 2012

● Specific project case studies are provided, detailing offshore field developments where these technologies have been or are intended to be deployed and the key differentiating factors driving their implementation.

Report Contents

● Summary & Conclusions provides an executive
overview of the deepwater arena in terms of field numbers and total reserves from 1989 through to 2012.

● Global Market Context looks at the supply
and demand issues, commodity pricing,
growth of global GDP, prices versus activity and geopolitical issues. It also looks at deepwater prospects in terms of size, development scenario, operator and participant.

● Regional Analysis & Forecasts provides for each region (Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, Latin America, and North America) an overview, field case studies, key project listings and project maps.

● Deep & Ultra-deepwater Exploration provides a review the technologies and issues of deepwater exploration, including
statellite tracking, licencisng, seismic survey, well planning, top hole drilling, dual gradient drilling and tender assisted drilling

● Deep & Ultra-deepwater Production This section provides a review of production
development technologies including fixed platform facilities, floating production systems, deepwater moorings, deepwater anchors, subsea equipment, riser systems, production pipelines, seabed processing, separation, pumping and compression, subsea intervention and subsea tiebacks.

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The sister publication, within the Global Perspectives series, which analyses the market in detail for Deep and Ultra-deepwater oil and gas field developments is the Deep and Ultra-deepwater Market Update.

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