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Publications available

To meet the needs of our clients Infield is now publishing a suite of popular reports publications which are updated on a regular basis and cover key sectors of the oil & Gas industry. The Global Perspective series gives both executives and analysts the complete picture on key sectors of the offshore industry and is split into two parts, one covering the market and the other technologies and markets, so that customers can chose to buy either or both. Each comes with free access to a relevant data set on InfieldOnline. Integration of the Infield database with the unique OFFPEX modelling system allows up-to-date information to be used to produce the Global Perpectives series of reports and allows Infield to drill down to the base units that make up any part of the market.

Already produced are the publications covering the deepwater, subsea, floating production systems, and the offshore pipelines and contol lines market with forecast for the next five year period. Fixed platforms is well under way and should be published shortly for 2007-011

These reports come with a period of free online access to a relevant Infield database. To order any of the reports listed below please click here.


Publications in preparation

We are planning to publish our second edition of the Regional Perspective reports in the fourth quarter 2006. There will be seven publications covering all regions of the world. For more information please contact Infield.

Analytical Services

Infield has built up a range of services from product market studies to due diligence services. Please review our section on Analytical services or see our company profile for more details

Online Services

Infield has a full suite of online sector databases and your subscription can be enhanced or expanded to meet any new requirements you might have. For more details please either see our Offshore Databases section of this website or contact Infield directly or take a few minutes to complete a no obligation data wishlist. We also have a databank of information which we use for client specific studies. For details about any aspect within the Offshore industry please email Infield.

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