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Whitepaper on 10/01/2011

Free Whitepaper: "Factors Influencing Offshore Oil & Gas Investment in the Middle East - Growing Regional Demand for Natural Gas and Sanctions against Iran"

To coincide with the publication of the second edition of the Offshore Middle East & Caspian Oil & Gas Market Report, Infield Systems have published a free whitepaper that provides some of the highlights, facts and figures from this new report as well as providing topical analysis of energy issues facing the region.

This new whitepaper can be downloaded free of charge from the Infield e-library simply by following this link


Offshore Middle East & Caspian Oil & Gas Market Report To 2015

Infield Systems has published the second edition of the Offshore Middle East and Caspian Oil and Gas Market Report To 2015. The second edition of this report is devoted to the offshore energy sector in the region and provides in-depth analysis of trends and developments impacting the Middle East and Caspian offshore oil and gas industry. This edition also includes a special regional market context chapter which provides comprehensive analysis on market, industry and geopolitical issues that impact the oil and gas scene in the Middle East and Caspian, with a particular focus on Iran, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Israel, Lebanon, Middle East gas demand and OPEC revenue.

All prices shown are for hard copy printed reports and/or PDF and are exclusive of delivery and VAT where applicable.

Introductory Price:-

Single Copy: £1,500 Printed or single user Electronic File (PDF)
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Corporate Licence: £3,000 Two printed copies, plus an open PDF for internal company use

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The Middle East and Caspian Market:

The new Offshore Middle East & Caspian Sea Oil & Gas Market Report To 2015 report highlights that Persian Gulf oil and gas producers Iran and Saudi Arabia will drive offshore Capex in the Middle East and Caspian region throughout 2011-15. In fact Infield Systems expects a 33% increase in offshore Capex in the Middle East and Caspian over 2011-15 compared to 2006-10, or to approximately $39.9bn from $29.9bn. Much of this growth will be driven by an expected increase in Capex of around $6bn in Iran over the two forecast periods, to around $12bn. Capex in Saudi Arabia is expected to reach $5.8bn over 2011-2015, up from $4.5bn over 2006-2010.

Overall, Infield Systems expects Iran and Saudi Arabia combined to contribute to just over 44% of total offshore Capex in the region between 2011 and 2015. Capex from Qatar is expected to drop markedly in 2011-15 compared to the previous period, perhaps a reflection of the moratorium on further development of the North Field which is expected to last until 2014.

Israel is also expected to become a steady contributor to the regional offshore oil and gas scene during the forecast period, largely through new offshore gas projects in the eastern extremity of the Mediterranean Sea, including some deepwater developments. Just over $2bn is expected to be spent in Israel over the next five years, compared to just $272 million over 2006-10.

Azerbaijan is the largest offshore producer in the Caspian Sea, of both oil and gas, and thus is expected to continue headlining Capex in this sub-region. Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkmenistan are expected to contribute between US$1.6 and US$2bn in expenditure each over the forecast period.

The report also analyses the drivers for the offshore oil and gas sector in the region. A main driver for offshore gas development has been, and will likely continue to be, the strong growth in natural gas demand in the Persian Gulf region and the broader Middle East. The Persian Gulf region has an abundance of reserves of natural gas – much of it offshore such as the South Pars/North Field reservoir which is the largest non-associated gas field in the world – but only Qatar is a significant natural gas exporter.

In addition this new report from Infield Systems assesses the impact of the latest round of sanctions placed against Iran over its nuclear programme, and how sanctions have impacted the development of Iran’s offshore oil and gas sector, especially the South Pars development. China as a major source of investment will likely be increasingly relied upon by Iran, but the number of partners with which Iran can deal with that may have the available technology and expertise to develop its energy sector has been reduced. As a result Iran may also seek to maximise the involvement of domestic companies, but Iran will still face the problem of getting access to the latest technology and equipment to, for example, develop its LNG sector.

For more information then please see the Regional Perspectives Offshore Middle East & Caspian Oil & Gas Market Report To 2015.

Why you should buy this report:

  • The report contains data developed by Infield’s market modelling process, OFFPEX, which is based on a unique “bottom up approach” to forecasting. OFFPEX’s component by component and project by project forecasting process is robust and has a proven track record

  • It provides an independent and comprehensive analysis of the issues impacting the offshore oil and gas market in the Middle East and Caspian today, and how this impacts developments in that market over the next five years. Therefore it enables the reader to make use of the report’s five year forecast period for strategic decision making in this dynamic region

  • It details, for each major offshore oil and gas producing country in the region, the level of capital expenditure and the rate of new installations for each market, including: fixed platforms, floating production units, pipelines, control lines and subsea infrastructure

Report Contents:

  • Executive Summary provides an overview of the Middle East and Caspian offshore oil and gas market highlighting the main points of the report and identifying the most crucial trends affecting the offshore oil and gas market

  • Global Market Context reviews the drivers behind the global offshore oil and gas business, including current oil market supply and demand fundamentals, oil price trends, and the growth of Asian energy consumption and its impact on the global oil market. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of the global market and policy impact of the Macondo MC252 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on the offshore oil and gas world

  • Regional Market Context (a new chapter that has been included in Infield’s Regional Perspective reports) assesses the prospects of the offshore natural gas sector in the Middle East and Caspian. The section includes a detailed outline of the market, political and regulatory environment impacting the offshore Middle East and Caspian oil and gas scene, with particular focus on Iran, Qatar, Azerbaijan, Israel-Lebanon, Middle East gas demand and OPEC revenue

  • Sector Analysis & Forecasts contains detailed analysis and forecasting of each of the main sectors in the offshore oil and gas industry: fixed platforms, floating production units, and pipeline and control lines. Analysis is provided by country, and each sector is analysed by the following sub-sections: facility type, water depth, weight, and build; and in addition by diameter and material for pipelines. For the subsea market detailed analysis and forecasts are provided by country, market and subsea equipment (trees and manifolds), manufacturer and operator

  • Appendices provide regional maps showing overview of current and future oil and gas fields, and existing and future floating production systems and fixed platforms

Searchable Online Projects Database:

Purchasers of the Region Perspectives Offshore Middle East & Caspian Oil & Gas Market Update will receive 12 months’ free access to an online database of fields being planned or considered for development in the current year and four years forward offshore Middle East and Caspian Sea via InfieldLive.

Details about each project include:

  • Field Operator

  • Project Name

  • Development Type

  • Dates On Stream / Discovery / Depletion

  • Reserves

  • Field Production Rates

  • Location

  • Development Type

  • Water Depths

  • Project Status

  • Numbers of Subsea & Surface Wells

  • High Temperature / High Pressure

Subscriptions can be upgraded to include other regions, time frames and other data sets from the Infield Offshore Energy Database. InfieldLive provides access to the previous day’s updates.

About Infield Systems Limited:

Infield is an independent energy research and analysis organisation that is dedicated to the provision of accurate; data, market sector and regional forecast reports, mapping, published maps, analysis, business advisory, business strategy and transaction support products and services to the offshore oil, gas, renewable energy and associated marine industries. Infield services clients in over 40 countries from a wide range of organisations including E&P companies, contractors, manufacturers, government agencies and financial institutions. Infield is widely acknowledged as the definitive independent information resource and has been involved in many merger, acquisition and commercial market due diligence projects.

More information:

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