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Product Launch on 08/09/2015

Infield Systems announces the launch of InfieldROV – an interactive ROV market tracker

The Remotely Operated Vehicles Market Tracker Service (InfieldROV): provides information via InfieldAnalytics (an interactive online dashboard) on almost 1,300 currently operational ROVs employed for drilling and marine construction duties. The service provides both a supply and demand side forecast, as well as presenting the competitive landscape within the sector. The InfieldROV team also tracks supply and demand for the 400 AUVs and 300 trenching systems within the offshore energy market. If you have any involvement in the ROV sector then this new service provides a view of the market which you can tailor according to your specific business requirements.

InfieldAnalytics ROV Market Tracker is broken down into three separate modules to offer users the flexibility to subscribe to specific elements of the ROV sector:

  • The ROV Supply Analysis Module allows the user to examine the relative capability of ROV fleets to make informed investment decisions. The data behind this is updated at regular intervals.
  • The Newbuild ROV Forecast Module allows the user to examine when and where demand for ROV services is expected and the relative market impact. The user can view a breakdown of new ROVs - split between retirement replacements and demand growth systems.
  • The ROV Demand Forecast Module enables the user to analyse the ROV market and how it is forecast to change. The user can examine ROV demand by: region, operator or market type using the metric of either ROV days or the dollar value of the market. Purchasers of the demand module can add an advanced subscription option which provides aggregated line by line data for the ROV demand forecast.

More information can be found at or for further information please email us on

Press Contact:

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Sales & Marketing Director

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