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Product Launch on 03/10/2011

InfieldProjectFlow is Infield Systems' new online database service that links the company's existing databases on offshore oil and gas fields, specialist vessels, and construction yards to the oil and gas supply chain. InfieldProjectFlow tracks the complete life cycle of oil and gas field developments from first discovery through appraisal, planning, development through to first oil as well as operations and maintenance. Finally, this services tracks the eventual decommissioning of the field through the commercial contracts that are of interest to the supply chain which are awarded at each stage.

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Since the 1980s Infield Systems has developed a database of each operational and future offshore oil and gas field and how they are developed in terms of subsea equipment, fixed and floating platforms, flowlines, pipelines and control lines. Through a process of continuous research and updating, the worldwide database is used by many organisations within the offshore oil and gas industry to identify new opportunities and track projects. Infield Systems has developed additional database modules for the specialist vessel fleet and construction yards. The Infield Specialist Vessels Database provides key information on over 6,700 vessels employed within the offshore oil and gas industry. Intensive research has led to the expansion of the database to now include vital contract information for many of the assets contained within the Specialist Vessels Database. The construction yards database lists all fabrication, shipyard and manufacturing facilities that are used to construct offshore assets and vessels. The construction yards database details each yard's capabilities and tracks key elements such as the type of facility that can be manufactured, offshore renewables capabilities and decommissioning capabilities.

InfieldProjectFlow has been developed by Infield Systems' specialised team of research analysts and has been created by the in depth research of all major oil and gas field contracts back to 1990. The research team constantly monitors all developments and new updates are posted on a daily basis.

Contracts that are tracked:

  • Conceptual design
  • Pre FEED
  • FEED
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Procurement & Construction
  • Installation
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Decommissioning

The contracts are tracked from the bidding stage through to the eventual winner. Once the bidding process has started, InfieldProjectFlow's contract comments will show the progression of all the developments in that contract bidding process.

Why Should You Use InfieldProjectFlow?

  • InfieldProjectFlow has been developed by Infield Systems' team of research analysts, who have a 25 year track record in the researching, collating, and verifying of data on the offshore oil, gas and associated marine industries
  • InfieldProjectFlow data is developed by direct contact with companies involved in all areas of the oil and gas supply chain to ensure new contracts are identified and entered into the database
  • InfieldProjectFlow gathers information from the monitoring of Infield Systems' network of contacts, information resources and publically available news stories, press releases and announcements so the user does not have to spend time researching detailed information about new projects or updates and changes to projects in progress
  • InfieldProjectFlow identifies projects from point of discovery so that users are aware of and can track and monitor new opportunities from the earliest possible stage
  • InfieldProjectFlow maximises opportunities, by allowing companies to integrate their own organisation's information with data exported from InfieldProjectFlow to create a company specific project tracking and knowledge base system
  • InfieldProjectFlow enables users to simply identify and target new business opportunities in existing or new geographic areas
  • InfieldProjectFlow records all the key project milestone events in the lifecycle of a project such as FID (Final Investment Decision) & PDO (Plan for Development & Operation) awards. The award date and relevant length of all contracts is also recorded
  • InfieldProjectFlow provides a chronological narrative which allows subscribers to track the evolution of the project
  • InfieldProjectFlow is made unique due to the link to Infield Systems' existing field development, vessels and yards databases
  • InfieldProjectFlow users can rely on Infield Systems' 25 years track record of assimilating and making available information when integrating InfieldProjectFlow into their own project tracking systems

Using InfieldProjectFlow

Infield Systems makes InfieldProjectFlow available through the InfieldLive Data Portal. Infield Systems has a proven track record of delivering information via the Internet, with full online access to the Offshore Energy Database developed in 1999.

The InfieldLive Data Portal allows users to:

  • Securely logon from any internet browser programme, either PC or Mac based, anywhere in the world at any time
  • Be provided with their own unique and secure login
  • Search and export from InfieldProjectFlow using a number of different parameters: by region, country, contractor, operator, value, contract type build process or for projects relating to a particular field development
  • Search results that can be viewed on screen, printed or exported
  • Download format including text files, comma separated value files, MS Excel spreadsheet and MS Access database files

InfieldProjectFlow Tracking The Oil & Gas Supply Chain

InfieldProjectFlow provides detailed contract information throughout the lifecycle of a project:

Pre FEED phase or the Pre-Front End Engineering & Design phase of a project, engineers develop proper process design basis and specifying the required process parameters on which the main FEED work will be developed on.

FEED or Front End Engineering & Design phase of a project determines whether a project is feasible and to develop some initial cost estimates for the project. The FEED process identifies the resources that will be required as well as develops the engineering definition of the chosen concept to a stage where the operator is in a position to issue EPC (engineering procurement & design) or turnkey invitations to tender.

Once the concept has been decided upon InfieldProjectFlow shows who is bidding for the FEED on various project infrastructure facilities, be it floating or fixed platform as well as subsea pipelines.

Detailed Engineering phase involves drafting, engineering, and other related services necessary to purchase equipment, materials and construct facilities (platforms, topsides, subsea equipment).

InfieldProjectFlow tracks which contractors are bidding and the winning contractor will be listed.

Procurement & Construction phase, facilities and equipment are built by specialised contractors or OEMs (original equipment manufacturers)

InfieldProjectFlow tracks which yards are bidding for the construction/fabrication of the facility be this the Hull/jacket or the topsides as well as the eventual winner of the fabrication contract. This information links to ISLs comprehensive yards database.

Installation phase is where the offshore facilities and equipment are installed on the field. This may involve heavy transport, heavy lift vessels and other specialist vessels for the installation of pipelines, flowlines, umbilicals and subsea hardware. Such work is carried out by pipelay vessels and MSVs (multi-service vessels)

InfieldProjectFlow tracks which contractors are bidding for the installation of the various components of the project. These contracts include jacket installation, topsides installation, SURF, and pipeline installation. Once the contract has been awarded InfieldProjectFlow shows which contract has the prize, as well as which vessels will be utilised. The vessel information is linked to ISL's comprehensive vessel database.

Operations & Maintenance phase of a project the contracts relate to the day to day running and maintenance of offshore facilities and equipment.

InfieldProjectFlow will build up a list of which contractors are undertaking the operations & maintenance of offshore facilities. This maybe the duty holder or a more specialist contractor undertaking more specialised work.

Decommissioning phase is when a field has reached the end of its productive life and the facilities and field equipment needs to be removed in part or in whole depending upon local and current regulations.

InfieldProjectFlow tracks which contractors will decommission the offshore facilities. Often the topsides and jacket will be decommissioned separately. This will also track which contractor has been awarded the decommissioning contract and which vessels and yards will be utilised.

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