Norway, Baltic & Barents Sea Oil & Gas Activity Map To 2017

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Newsletter on 07/06/2012

Infield Systems, the independent Energy Analysts, will be launching the new Norway, Baltic & Barents Seas Oil & Gas Activity Map To 2017 at the Offshore Northern Seas event being held in Stavanger at the end of August. Infield Systems expects demand to be high for this new map title following the huge success of the North Sea Infrastructure & Integrity Map, published at Offshore Europe last September, and last month's launch of the Gulf of Mexico Infrastructure & Integrity Map To 2017, at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC), in Houston. Infield Systems' oil and gas activity maps are one of the most sought after "take home" exhibition items. At the OTC event this year, 670kgs of Infield maps were distributed by the team on the Infield Booth.

Industry interest in this new map will be high as forecasts suggest that more than two-thirds of Norway's hydrocarbon resource potential lies in the Norwegian and Barents Seas and Operator interest in these areas remains strong, as is reflected by the number of licence awards.

Infield Systems' new map will feature all related regional licence blocks with operator status, operational and future fields and platforms, and major pipelines planned to 2017. This map will also include the location of a small group of fields in the Baltic Sea, an area which serves as a key transit route for Russian energy exports, underlined by the Nord Stream gas export pipeline from Russia to Germany.

Advertising Opportunities:

On the Norway, Baltic & Barents Seas Oil & Gas Activity Map there are a limited number of advertising opportunities. The cost of a 100mm by 100mm advertising slot is GBP £2,500 which includes 100 voucher copies of the map.

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With a print run of 5,000, the new Norway, Baltic & Barents Seas Oil & Gas Activity Map To 2017 offers excellent value for money and provides an ideal opportunity for a company to promote its brand, products and services to the global oil and gas industry. 1,500 voucher copies will be distributed between the advertisers for their own clients and suppliers and the remaining 3,500 will enjoy targeted distributed at key European industry events over the next two years, including:

  • Offshore Northern Seas (Stavanger, August 2012)
  • GasTech (London, October 2012)
  • Subsea Aberdeen (Aberdeen, February 2013 & February 2014)
  • Offshore Europe (September 2013)

The map will also be distributed at other international events, such, as the Arctic Technology Conference, Offshore Technology Conference, Subsea Tie Backs, Offshore South East Asia and Oil & Gas Asia. Infield Systems attends many oil and gas events around the world, where the maps are actively distributed and promoted. In addition, Infield Systems works with conference organisers to distribute the published maps to their conference delegates.

The map will also be available to clients via Infield Systems' online shop, where companies can purchase rolled copies of the map, or access the Free Folded Map Service.

Map Specifications:

Norwegian, Baltic and Barents Seas Oil and Gas Activity Map To 2017

Right-click here to download the picture. To help protect your privacy, Outlook prevented automatic download of this picture from the internet

This new Activity Map from Infield Systems presents existing and future oil and gas fields and all the associated infrastructure, which is currently operational or being planned or considered through to 2017, in the Norwegian, Barents and Baltic Seas. Detailed map inserts of each key area are included.

Map Details:

Publication Date:

August 2012


1,550mm x 1,050mm


The map will be produced in full colour, on high quality, smooth coated cartridge paper and trimmed to size. It will include satellite imagery and detailed coast lines, with major towns, ports, terminals and bathymetry lines

Base Map Image

  • Licence & Concession Areas including Operator Status
  • Operational, Abandoned and Future Oil & Gas Fields By Name
  • Operational Floating Production & Storage Facilities
  • Decommissioned Floating Production & Storage Facilities
  • Operational Fixed Platforms
  • Decommissioned Fixed Platforms
  • Future Fixed Platforms
  • Operational Pipelines
  • Decommissioned Pipelines
  • Future Pipelines
  • Well Locations

Advertising opportunities are limited, so please contact me to register your interest and secure your slot.

I look forward to speaking to you.


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