Offshore Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Market Report To 2017

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Product Launch on 06/11/2012

Infield Systems has just released the latest editions of its Offshore Asia and Offshore Australasia Oil and Gas Market Reports To 2017. These latest reports provide a detailed forecast for each of the main sectors in the offshore oil and gas industry, including: fixed platforms, floating production systems, subsea production units and pipelines and control lines; as well as providing a comprehensive analysis of macro market conditions, potential threats and opportunities and an overview of the major projects and trends driving offshore development in each region.

In these latest editions, three exciting new sections have been included, which provide an insight into:

  • The vessels market
  • Deepwater developments
  • Overview of the operators and manufacturers active in each region

All prices shown are for hard copy printed reports and/or electronic file and are exclusive of delivery and VAT where applicable

Report Formats Single Licence (£) Additional Licence (£) Corporate Licence (£)
Asia Oil & Gas Market Report To 2017 (Printed or Electronic Copy) 2,200 550 4,400
Australasia Oil & Gas Market Report To 2017 (Printed or Electronic Copy) 1,750 450 3,500

Asia Pacific Combined Package (Asia Oil and Gas Market Report To 2017 + Australasia Oil & Gas Market Report To 2017)

2,750 700 5,500

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Market Overview

Despite the global economic downturn and uncertainty still surrounding the Eurozone sovereign debt crisis, Asia is expected to see economic growth of 6.9% in 2012 and 7.3% in 2013, with domestically driven economic growth in China and India providing buoyancy to the region. A significant constraint on the region's economic growth is its increased dependence on foreign imports of oil and gas as domestic consumption outstrips production. This has been exacerbated following the Japanese nuclear crisis, which has transformed Japan's previously stable energy market into the world's most demanding LNG importer. In an attempt to decrease import dependency and to boost energy security, the region's countries have an interest in meeting as much domestic demand as possible from home sources. This is not just the case for the region's giants, China and India, but also for other major regional energy producers, including: Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. Supported by these strong fundamentals, Asia is becoming an increasingly important part of the world for oil and gas exploration and drilling. The sector is dominated by offshore production, and as a result, offshore Capex is expected to show significant growth over the coming five years as countries attempt to expand indigenous oil exploration and production activity. As a result, Infield Systems expects the region to be the second highest investor in offshore Capex in the world over the next five years, behind only Africa.

Despite its attempts to decrease import dependency, Asia's current energy deficit cannot be ignored. Australia's geographical proximity to the energy hungry Asia Pacific markets means that it is in a prime location to supply this neighbouring region with natural gas, although it could face competition from Canada and the United States, which also have the potential to supply LNG to Asian gas markets. It is likely that throughout the forecast period and beyond, Australia's emergence as a significant player in the global LNG market will continue, driven in no small part by the development of its offshore gas resources and onshore unconventional gas reserves. Currently Australia is ranked eleventh in the world in terms of natural gas reserves and fourth in relation to LNG exports. It has the potential to become the leading LNG exporting country in the world overtaking Qatar, which currently holds this position. Australia will be one of the first few countries in the world to use FLNG technology; with notable projects currently under development including: Shell's Prelude project and GDF Suez's Bonaparte FLNG project. Indeed, Infield Systems expects that 45% of the region's total floating platform Capex could be directed towards FLNG developments over the next five years.

Whilst offshore Capex for both regions is set to increase dramatically during the forecast period, the markets are likely to display different characteristics. Asia will continue to be characterised by shallow water developments in the short term, and thus Capex levels on pipeline and fixed platform developments will account for the largest proportion of regional expenditure. Indeed, the region is expected to remain the global leader in terms of fixed platform installations. Capex growth in Australasia on the other hand is likely to be dominated by the Australian pipeline sector, with 44% of the region's total Capex associated with pipeline developments. The increase in forecast pipeline Capex is due to several major offshore projects in Australia, which should attract significant levels of expenditure in the near future.

The next five years look set to be an exciting time for both regions, with significant Capex growth expected and changing market dynamics which could have far reaching consequences. Never has it been more important to keep abreast of the current situation within these two important regions. The potential synergies between these two regions make the combined report package essential reading.

Why You Should Buy These Reports

  • These reports contain data developed by Infield Systems’ market modelling process, OFFPEX, which is based on a unique “bottom up approach” to forecasting. OFFPEX’s component by component and project by project forecasting process is robust and has a proven track record.
  • The reader is given a comprehensive presentation of the offshore market in the region, with commentary and detailed analysis covering the macro economic climate right through to analysis by country and operator in terms of both Capex and number of units forecast to be installed.
  • Detailed sector analysis appraising the variances in regional and country drivers for the region’s offshore oil and gas market, providing insight into the trends expected within the market over the next five years.

Online Database Access

Each report comes with online access for 12 months to a database of oil and gas fields being planned or considered for development in the current year and four years forward, via the InfieldLive Data Portal.

Offshore Asia Oil & Gas Market Report South East Asian Fields
Offshore Australasia Oil & Gas Market Report Australasian Fields
Offshore Asia Pacific Oil & Gas Market Report Bundle South Asia, South East Asia, East Asia & Australasian Fields

InfieldLive is continually updated and purchasers receive the following information about each offshore field:

  • Field Operator
  • Project Name
  • Development Type
  • Date / Year On-Stream
  • Date / Year Discovered
  • Numbers of Subsea / Surface Wells
  • High Temperature / High Pressure
  • Reserves
  • Field Production Rates
  • Location
  • Development Type
  • Water Depths
  • Project Status
  • Depletion Date /Year

InfieldLive Service Overview

  • A three user single site licence for a period of 12 months
  • Access to the latest published data set
  • Unlimited access to the data through InfieldLive
  • Ability to download the complete data sets to Excel, Access etc. or to interrogate the information online and export results
  • Support, assistance and advice on getting the most from your subscription

InfieldLive Upgrades

The complimentary access to InfieldLive can be upgraded to include operational fields or fields from other regions: Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, North America or other data sets including: fixed platforms, floating production systems, floating storage offloading facilities, pipelines, control lines, single point moorings, supply chain contracts, onshore terminals, liquefied natural gas, gas to liquids, vessels, drilling rigs, offshore wind farms and construction yards. Please contact Infield Systems for additional information.


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