The US Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Infrastructure & Integrity Map to 2019

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Press Release on 02/04/2014

Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2014)

Reliant Park, Houston, Texas

5 -8 May 2014
Booth: 8839

Infield Systems is proud to announce the launch of the latest edition of the US Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Infrastructure & Integrity Map to 2019 at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2014), in Houston, Texas.

Widely acknowledged as market leaders for mapping and market intelligence products and services, Infield Systems is proud to announce the launch of its latest, fully updated and revised, offshore activity map – The US Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Infrastructure and Integrity Map to 2019. The latest edition of the US Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Infrastructure and Integrity Map presents the latest up and coming field developments, including: fixed platforms, floating production systems and pipelines, as well as showing how they will integrate into the existing infrastructure. Given the maturity of the basin, this map also presents detailed information relating to decommissioning activity, including details about abandoned (or licence surrendered) oil and gas fields as well as decommissioned fixed and floating platforms. The map also includes a Gulf of Mexico market overview, which provides details about the activity of some of the key operators active in the area, as well as analysing Capex spend by market segment and by water depth.

Using information from Infield Systems’ Offshore Energy Database of all global oil and gas fields and developments, this new infrastructure and integrity map is a “must have” for anyone in the industry who wants to keep abreast of changes in this dynamic region.

The map (1505mm (W) x 1055mm (H)) is reproduced in full colour, with onshore satellite imagery and licence block and concession areas listing current operator status.

This map will be officially launched with FREE distribution at Offshore Technology Conference (OTC 2014), in Houston, Texas and will be available free of charge from Infield Systems’ Stand 8839.

Visitors to the stand will also be able to preview Infield Systems’ latest market Intelligence Tools: InfieldRigs, InfieldDecom and InfieldROV, which are available either as subscription services or in conjunction with the expertise of our Consulting Services team. These tools can provide region specific market information.

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Market Overview Extract:

With planned lease sales in the Central, Western and Eastern Gulf of Mexico across 2014, 2015 and 2016, exploration activity within the region shows no sign of waning. Infield Systems expects the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) to form 10% of global offshore capital expenditure over the forthcoming five years, with 87% of the region’s investment expected to be destined for developments in water depths greater than 1,000 metres. As such, the subsea market dominates capital expenditure demand, and is forecast to account for 47% of operator investment over the 2015-2019 timeframe; which vastly exceeds the global subsea expenditure average of 22% over the same period.

Indeed, the Gulf of Mexico has been key to global ultra-deepwater development, with a number of technological firsts taking place within the region over recent years. Going forwards, operators active within the region will continue to stretch the limits of ultra-deepwater exploration and production, with a total of 18 operators expected to direct Capex spend towards developments at water depths over 1499m within the GoM over the 2015-2019 period. Whilst Shell, BP and Anadarko are expected to lead this development, IOCs Chevron and ExxonMobil are also forecast to direct significant capital expenditure towards projects in the region.

According to Infield data, nearly 12bn barrels of oil and gas reserves are forecast to enter production offshore North America between the years 2014 and 2019, of which nearly 7bn relates to the US Gulf of Mexico. With platforms and fields coming to the end of their productive life, information on which fields will close and those which will continue is crucially important to all major players in the offshore oil and gas industry. The US Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Infrastructure and Integrity Map to 2019 will go a considerable way to informing industry players of the future ahead. Infield Systems, has charted the infrastructure of the Gulf of Mexico from the earliest developments – most of which are now past peak production – starting from the 1940s to all future projects planned for development by 2019, on one full colour wall map - The US Gulf of Mexico Oil and Gas Infrastructure and Integrity Map to 2019.

Industry interest in the Gulf of Mexico continues to remain high, with operators pushing the boundaries of deepwater production and with strong potential demand for decommissioning activity, significant opportunities remain within this region, and as such, demand for the latest edition of the US Gulf of Mexico Oil & Gas Infrastructure and Integrity Map to 2019 promises to be extremely high.

About Infield Systems

Infield Systems is a consulting and advisory company for the offshore oil, gas, marine and renewable energy industries as well as being a market leader in the provision of research, project data, market forecasts and GIS mapping. Working with leading global organisations across both the energy and the financial services sectors, Infield Systems is widely acknowledged as the definitive independent source for information, research and analysis on the offshore energy sector. Infield Systems’ Consultants and Analysts are renowned for their accurate analysis and insightful forecasts, produced through close collaboration with both the forecasting and modelling team and the research department.

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