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Product Launch on 06/06/2011

Infield Systems has released its latest edition of the Global Perspectives Subsea Market Report to 2015. The seventh edition of the report is devoted to the global subsea oil and gas market and provides in-depth analysis of trends, issues, forecasts and technological developments. The Subsea Market Report analyses the subsea market at a number of levels: by providing information at a regional level, by providing details of the activities of the predominant exploration and production oil companies and subsea equipment manufacturers (OEMs – original equipment manufacturers) and finally the Subsea Market Report dissects subsea capital expenditure into different components including subsea trees, manifolds, templates and the elements of subsea processing: subsea booster pumps, subsea compression and subsea separation.

All prices shown are for hard copy printed reports and/or PDF and are exclusive of delivery and VAT where applicable.

Report Formats & Online Access Upgrades Single Licence (£) Additional Licence (£) Corporate Licence (£)
Subsea Market Report To 2015 (Printed) 2,200 500 4,400
Subsea Market Report To 2015 (PDF) 2,200 500 4,400
Upgrade to Subsea Online (Standard) 1,000 375 2,000
Upgrade to Subsea Online (Professional) 1,750 500 3,500

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The Subsea Market:

The report highlights that over the next five years the primary area of growth will be West Africa. In addition to the traditionally strong markets of Angola and Nigeria there is also likely to be subsea equipment demand from the emerging markets of Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and Congo (Brazzaville). Brazil, the mature areas of the North West European Continental Shelf and the US Gulf of Mexico (GoM) and greenfield developments in South East Asia, China, India and Australia are also likely to figure prominently. The total 2011 to 2015 subsea capital expenditure is forecast to be more than $94bn. Compared to the previous five year period, 2006 to 2010, the biggest change in the top 10 country composition is the expected upturn in subsea activity in China, and more broadly South East Asia.

With regard to oil companies, Petrobras is the operator with the highest expected subsea expenditure over the next five years. West Africa and US-focused BP comes in second, followed by Total primarily for projects in West Africa and the UK. Subsea activity is expected to be highly concentrated among a small number of operators with the top 10 oil companies expected to contribute more than three quarters of the total subsea development costs.

Development drilling is anticipated to account for the majority of subsea total capital expenditure over the next five years. The largest part of this development drilling expenditure is forecast for deepwater regions such as the US GoM, Angola, Brazil and Nigeria. In addition, significant expenditure is expected for the detailed engineering, procurement and construction and installation of subsea equipment such as subsea trees, manifolds and subsea processing units.

The Subsea Market Report highlights that operators are moving towards deeper water environments. This can be clearly seen by the number of subsea trees expected to be installed in the next five years. Approximately 58% of these installations are forecast to lie in water depths of more than 500 metres with a significant proportion in the ultra-deepwater environment – 1,500 metres water depth and greater.

Over the 2011 to 2015 period, there are a number of announced subsea developing technology projects that are anticipated to be installed. These include seabed separation units at Total's Pazflor, and Petrobras' Marlim, Corvina and Congro projects and seabed compression units in Statoil's Asgard projects among others. Infield expects that such methods will gradually become a proven way of enhancing production and that their future is bright despite the "prototype" issues associated with their use.

The Subsea Market Report presents historical information on subsea tree orders indicating that 2010 award activity showed a significant improvement from the previous year. This increase could have been more substantial had it not been for the Macondo oil spill in the US GoM.

For more information please see the Global Perspectives Subsea Market Report to 2015.

Report Package Overview

The Global Perspectives Subsea Market Report to 2015 is available as a printed hard copy report or as PDF files. In addition to the report the package includes access to a unique projects database – Subsea Online (Essentials), which provides details of major subsea fields being planned or considered for development over the next five years. Prices for the report start at £2,200, with additional copies and corporate licences available. Upgrades to Subsea Online (Standard) or Subsea Online (Professional) can also be purchased.

Report Contents

Executive Summary provides an overview of the Subsea market highlighting the main points of the report and identifying the most important subsea regions and operators and presenting the largest subsea tree manufacturers in terms of market share.

Global Market Overview reviews the drivers behind the global offshore oil and gas business, including current oil market supply and demand fundamentals, oil price trends, and the growth of deepwater production and its impact on the global oil market. It also provides a comprehensive analysis of geopolitical turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa and its impact on the supply and price of oil.

General Trends & Analysis provides a more in-depth analysis of the main subsea participants: oil companies and subsea tree manufacturers. With regard to oil companies, this section analyses where Infield expects each operator to invest in and provides specific details on companies' major future projects. In addition, an analysis of subsea equipment manufacturers' client portfolios is provided along with a presentation of their current subsea frame agreements. Finally, a discussion on the current subsea processing developments is provided.

Regional Analysis & Forecast contains a detailed analysis and forecast for each of the following regions: Africa, Latin and North America, Europe, Asia, Australasia and the Middle East and Caspian. For each region subsea capital expenditure for the forecast period 2006-15 is presented together with the number of subsea equipment installations. In addition, investment figures are broken down to development drilling and subsea equipment costs and the five projects requiring the greatest amount of capital expenditure are highlighted.. Finally, information on the most significant regional operators is provided.

Component Analysis & Forecasts contains detailed analysis and forecast of each of the main sectors in the subsea market: development drilling and subsea equipment expenditure. In addition, various types of subsea equipment such as subsea trees and manifolds are presented in more detail. On a closing note, all key changes in the cost methodology are discussed together with any significant forecast changes with regard to specific projects, industry shocks such as the Macondo oil spill and macroeconomic and political issues.

Why You Should Buy This Report

  • The report contains data developed by Infield's market modelling process, OFFPEX, which is based on a unique "bottom up approach" to forecasting. OFFPEX's component by component and project by project forecasting process is robust and has a proven track record.
  • The report presents information on the expected capital expenditure and level of subsea equipment installations by all the major subsea regions and the related countries, the different oil companies, the different types of investment and the different types of equipment.
  • The report provides an independent and comprehensive analysis of the issues, new technological developments and risks impacting the Subsea market today, and how these will affect future developments over the next five years.

Online Access To Subsea Online (Essentials)

Purchasers of the Global Perspectives Subsea Market Report receive 12 months access a database of major subsea projects (fields being developed with four or more subsea wells) being planned or considered for development in the current year and four years forward, worldwide. Subsea Online (Essentials) is continually updated with the following information is provided about each project:

  • Field Operator
  • Project Name
  • Development Type
  • Date / Year On Stream
  • Date / Year Discovered
  • Numbers of Subsea Wells
  • High Temperature / High Pressure
  • Reserves
  • Field Production Rates
  • Location
  • Development Type
  • Water Depths
  • Project Status
  • Depletion Date /Year

Subsea Online Upgrades

The Subsea Online (Essentials) access can be upgraded to Subsea Online (Standard) or Subsea Online (Professional) or to include other field types or data sets from the Infield Offshore Energy Database.

Subsea Online (Standard) identifies all fields which are going to be developed with one or more subsea wells in the current year and four years forward, worldwide.

Subsea Online (Professional) identifies all fields, operational and future, which have or are going to be developed with one or more subsea completions. Subsea Online (Standard) and (Professional) list the same data set as the Essentials edition, however additional tables are provided that include the following information:

  • Tree Manufacturer (if known)
  • Wells On Stream Prior To 2005
  • Wells On Stream Annually 2005 to 2015
  • Wells On Stream after 2015

A third data set is provided that shows the total numbers of trees starting up annually from 1960 through to 2027 by split by Tree Manufacturer, Country of Supply and Year of Start up - annually from 1960 to 2027.

These two additional data sets are customised therefore can only been downloaded from InfieldLive and the user is not able to run online searches using the InfieldLive search engine.

Subsea Online Service Overview

  • A three user single site licence for the period of 12 months
  • Access to the latest published data set
  • Unlimited access to the data through InfieldLive
  • Ability to download the complete data sets to MS Excel, MS Access etc. or to interrogate the information online and export results
  • Support, assistance and advice on getting the most from your subscription

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